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Szczecin. A drunk driver caused a collision. While running away, he asked an off-duty policeman for help

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A drunk man caused a collision in the center of Szczecin. When he tried to escape the scene, he asked another driver – an off-duty policeman – for a ride. Hearing shouts that “a drunk driver is running away”, the officer ran after the 29-year-old and detained him.

“The Head of the Patrol and Intervention Unit of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Szczecin, while off duty, was driving through the city center. At one point, he noticed a man running on the street who was behaving strangely.” – we read in the police statement.

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He was drunk and wanted

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A drunk 29-year-old man ran to the policeman’s car and asked for a ride.

– This request surprised the officer. After a while, he heard screams that a drunk driver was running away. This caused the policeman to stop his car without a moment’s hesitation and chase the running 29-year-old, said junior aspirant Paweł Pankau from the Szczecin police.

After a few minutes, the man was arrested. Patrol officers were already on site.

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The test showed that the detainee had two permille of alcohol in his body. Additionally, he was wanted to serve a three-year prison sentence. The man will also be charged with causing a collision and driving under the influence of alcohol.

tvn24.pl, KMP Szczecin, PAP

Main photo source: Police

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