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Szczecin. An 80-year-old woman caused a collision and fled. She was drunk

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The 80-year-old had more than the permille of alcohol when she caused a collision on Pogodno in Szczecin and drove away from the scene. The senior citizen was detained by officers a few streets away. The woman lost her driving license and will answer to court for her actions.

Szczecin police officers received a report of a collision in the Pogodno district. According to the information received by the police, the driver of a Volkswagen Golf hit another car and drove away.

“The police noticed this car a few streets away. It had abrasions and scratches indicating that it had been hit,” we read in the police statement.

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The test showed that the 80-year-old had more than the permille of alcohol in her body. The woman allegedly told the officers that she was visiting her daughter and on her way back she drove to a gas station. She bought alcohol there, drank it immediately and drove on.

The senior was arrested and lost her driving license. He will answer for his actions in court.

Main photo source: Police

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