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Szczecin. Cat Gacek has become a sensation, revives tourism in Szczecin – Reuters

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Although he seems lazy, Gacek, Szczecin’s celebrity cat, does a great job. Since gaining international popularity, Szczecin has not only gained publicity, but also increased the number of tourists visiting it. So much so that the Reuters agency decided to describe this phenomenon.

Black and white, free-living cat Gacka can be found in Szczecin on Kaszubska Street, where he lives in a wooden booth. Well-known among the inhabitants of Szczecin, the animal has gained international fame since received thousands of positive reviews in Google reviews. The British Guardian article on Gack headlined “Would You Travel Thousands of Miles to See a Fat Cat?” The Independent compared his popularity to that of Ernest Hemingway’s cat, and The “New Zealand Herald” published a map to help find the Szczecin cat.

Cat Gacek from SzczecinCezary Aszkielowicz / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

The fame of the Szczecin tomcat, however, does not decrease, and on March 10, the entire material was devoted to him by the Reuters agency. Its journalists appeared at the booth inhabited by Gacek to learn more about the famous cat. “The big, black and white cat has become an Internet sensation and the main tourist attraction of the Polish city of Szczecin,” they state.

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It turns out that the seemingly lazy animal does a huge job for the whole city, and more specifically – for its tourism sector. According to Szymon Maksymiuk, an employee of the Tourist Information Center in Szczecin, quoted by Reuters, tourist traffic in the city has increased “hugely” since Gacek began to gain popularity also outside Poland. Gives the example of a tourist with Norwaywho reported to the Center saying that he had bought plane tickets to Szczecin specifically to see Gacek. However, it is not always that easy. One of the students from Mongolia admitted that he arrived in Szczecin two days earlier, and since then he has been looking for Gacek. The animal is free-living, so it is not always possible to find it in its wooden booth.

What exactly attracts tourists to the city? Reuters notes that “some fans attribute Gack’s fame to his confidence and cute face” while others “claim that it’s his celebrity status that attracts tourists.” The agency noted that the video with Gack, published by the official profile of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship on TikTok on February 17, has already gained 90,000 likes, and the Instagram account dedicated to him is watched by over 20,000 people.

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Gack’s health concerns

Reuters also devoted part of its material to Gack’s health problems. Despite the care of the owner of the shop on Kaszubska Street, “there are concerns that Gacek is quite ‘massive’, because passers-by disregard the sign above his house, which says not to feed him.”

The manager and chief veterinarian at the Szczecin Animal Care Society, Paweł Niejadlik, admitted that “obesity in cats brings many potential side effects.” – A lot of weight puts strain on the musculoskeletal system, joints, and as a result, osteoarthritis can develop. There is also a risk of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, he said.

And both tourists and residents of Szczecin should care about Gacko’s long and happy life. “It’s very famous all over the world, so we can be proud of the cat that lives here,” said one city resident, quoted by the agency.

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Main photo source: Cezary Aszkielowicz / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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