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Szczecin. Cat Gacek has become the biggest attraction of the city

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Black and white coat, nonchalant style and perfect rating in Google reviews – these are the hallmarks of Gacka from Szczecin. Tourists gave the animal almost two thousand reviews. In the overwhelming majority of flattering, although some Internet users are worried about the cat’s health.

Gacek is a free-living cat, he lives in a wooden booth at Kaszubska Street in Szczecin. One of the local residents is taking care of him. Although the cat is a hit on the Internet, it does not seek the attention of tourists at all.

“This cat is totally obsessed with what is going on around him, but it was worth driving 3 hours to feel pissed off by him. I recommend it” – wrote the author of one of Google’s opinions on “a tourist attraction in Szczecin”, Gacka’s cat. In the next review you can read that Gacek is “the only rightful ruler of the streets. You can see that he has respect in the brave and he does not lack anything.”

Kot Gacek is the biggest attraction of Szczecin according to Google usersGoogle

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Other Internet users declare that they came to Szczecin precisely because of the feline celebrity. Currently, Gacek has five stars (and over two thousand reviews) in Google reviews – more than the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle (4.5), Philharmonic Mieczysław Karłowicz (4.8) or Bulwary Szczecińskie (4.7).

Cat Gacek from SzczecinCezary Aszkielowicz / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

“A majestic figure, the king of the city center, a living symbol of the city. I recommend a very cool, nice and fluffy kitten” – one of the tourists justifies his opinion.

“Powerful” or “could use a little diet”? TOZ reminded how to take care of Gacka

Most reviewers with greater or lesser concern pay attention to Gacek’s health. While some Internet users are delighted that the cat is “fluffy”, “powerful in size” or “good-looking”, others alarm – Gacek should lose weight. “The kitten is very fat, it’s bad for your health, stop feeding it” – we read in one of the entries. There are also questions about whether Gacek (or any other cat) should live on the street.

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Concerns about the health of Gacka’s cat were also expressed in 2020 by representatives of the Szczecin Society for the Care of Animals. Then the cat went to the clinic with food poisoning – someone fed him rotten bacon and liver.

“Gack could use a small diet, because obesity in cats, unfortunately, contributes to many diseases and problems. So if we don’t want Gacek to be a regular visitor to the hospital cage, let’s take care of him – let only the babysitter feed him!” – animali appealed, advising at the same time that the food that tourists want to give Gack should be given to Mrs. Marta, at whose shop the cat lives.

Main photo source: Cezary Aszkielowicz / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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