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Szczecin. Charges against members of “Air Gandzia”. Among the defendants of the “Kacza Proceder”

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12 people were charged in the investigation into the case known as “Air Gandzia”. This is an organized criminal group smuggling drugs from Spain to Poland, including: using a light plane. Among the defendants is a rapper known under the pseudonym “Kaczy Proceder”.

The prosecutor of the West Pomeranian Branch of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin sent an indictment to the District Court in Zielona Góra against 12 people in an investigation into an organized criminal group involved in smuggling large amounts of drugs. This is a case known as “Air Gandzia”. The investigation was conducted together with the Central Police Investigation Bureau.

– The accused include, among others: Krzysztof T. alias “Kris”, Jarosław D. alias “Kaseta”, Krzysztof J., Marek A. ps. “The Duck Procedure”. The prosecutor accused them of committing several dozen crimes related to leading and participating in an organized criminal group and smuggling significant amounts of marijuana and hashish. The acts charged against the defendants are punishable by up to 15 years’ imprisonment, the National Prosecutor’s Office said.

“The Duck Procedure” is a famous rapper who was a member of Molesta Ewenement, and later in the duo Proceder z Chada.

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A plane full of marijuana

Let us remind you that the investigation into the case has started in June 2021 at the airport in Zielona Góra – Przylep, when a pilot and an instructor on a plane full of marijuana were detained red-handed.

The marijuana was packed in vacuum bagsCBŚP

– After this incident, the activities of the prosecutor’s office and the police focused on detecting other key people involved in this procedure. The black market wholesale value of the marijuana seized at one time was over PLN 1 million, while after introducing it to retail trade, the defendants could have earned over PLN 3.6 million. The plane itself was bought for PLN 200,000. euro in Ukraine – explained the Prosecutor’s Office.

It is estimated that secured marijuana would allow for the production of at least 73,000 commercial portions. Investigators found that there was much more such smuggling.

The drugs were smuggled by air using light aircraft and transported by land by truck Spain to Germany and Poland. The group was also involved in smuggling significant amounts of cocaine from Netherlands to Poland, and was also preparing to import significant amounts of narcotic drugs in the form of cocaine from Chile in South America to the Netherlands and Poland.

The prosecutor determined that in a short period of time the perpetrators smuggled over 2.7 tons of marijuana, 310 kg of hashish, 5 kg of cocaine and planned to smuggle 100 kg of cocaine from Chile in South America to the Netherlands and then to Poland, achieving a profit of over PLN 41 million. , which is the black market wholesale price of the drugs, while the retail value of the drugs would be at least four times higher.

A motorcycle gang was involved in the case

– During the investigation, the prosecutor also determined that the activities of the organized criminal group were concentrated around people belonging to motorcycle gang, possessing illegal firearms, whose boss and members, under the guise of a legally operating, well-known international motorcycle club in Poznań, conducted illegal activities related to the trafficking of large amounts of drugs, deriving huge profits from this practice and laundering dirty money from the sale of drugs. The accused also cooperated with members of another organized criminal group operating in Spain and southern Poland. – informed PK.

The Central Bureau of Investigation detained members of a motorcycle club01/07 | The Central Police Investigation Bureau detained five men, including members of the management board of a motorcycle club in Poznań, who were allegedly part of a gang that smuggled drugs from Spain by plane. In addition to illegal substances, they also seized tasers, baseball bats, machetes, brass knuckles and a Harley Davidson motorcycle stolen in Germany.CBŚP

The smugglers also cooperated with other gangsters operating in Spain and southern Poland. Krystian T. ps. “Kris” together with other people and Marek A. alias “Kaczy Proceder” invested money in a marijuana plantation in Spain, where, after harvesting, the drug was also packed and transported to Poland via Germany.

Not only Polish citizens were involved in the group’s activities, they came from various backgrounds and, apart from criminal activities, were involved in legal economic activities, including those related to the music industry, as well as Spaniards, Albanians, Germans and citizens of other Asian countries. They played various roles – from drug suppliers, armed plantation security guards, to people making illegal international transfers of cash from drug sales.

As a result of the actions taken, the prosecutor secured property worth nearly PLN 2 million.

Moreover, in 2017 and 2018, Krystian T., Rafał D. and Jarosław D. also engaged in illegal activities related to the smuggling of excise-free products mainly from Poland to Germany, as a result of which they evaded taxation due to the State Treasury. excise duty in the amount of over PLN 10 million. In Germany, the perpetrators cooperated with Vietnamese citizens.

Main photo source: CBŚP

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