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Szczecin. Farmers’ protest. “Companies are doing business and we have no future”

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In Szczecin, the 24th day of the farmers’ protest demanding the suspension of Ukrainian grain imports is underway. – We do not want help, we are self-sufficient. We just need stability, says one of the protesters.

The protest of farmers in Szczecin began on March 23, 2023. Its participants they demand, among others regulation of the grain issue Ukraine. The demands of the protesters include: assistance in repaying loans taken for agricultural activity and the introduction of an “anti-crisis shield” for agriculture.

The protesters broke the so-called a green town on Wały Chrobrego in front of the seat of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship Office in Szczecin. Tractors and caravans have been standing in front of the building for almost a month now, banners with slogans are hung on the fences, and white and red flags are waving in the wind.

Farmers protest in SzczecinTVN24

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Farmers want stability

On Saturday, the protesting farmers were visited by TVN24 reporter Nadia Rulak. She asked about moods, predictions and demands. These remain unchanged.

– Mainly, we would like grain imports from Ukraine to stop. This grain was only supposed to enter Poland and leave for countries that need this grain. Not that grain is flooding our market. We are not able to compete with Ukrainian grain and corporations that export it to us – says Karol Lebowski

– We would like to hear that it will be as it was supposed to be from the beginning. We were only supposed to help with his export for the sake of war in Ukraine and her problems. And it stays in Poland, companies do business on it and it looks like that, unfortunately, we have no future. Today let’s say whatever we earn, and the day after tomorrow it will turn out that we will not have anything to pay off the loans from – adds the farmer

Farmers protest in SzczecinTVN24

Another farmer from the Kołobrzeg district, Łukasz Rzewuski, assures that he still believes in a successful solution to the situation.

– We are still promised help, some promises. And we do not want help, we are self-sufficient and we would be able to manage, we just need stability, stable prices, not constantly increasing fertilizer prices, fuel prices. The rulers were able to lower the price of fuel or the price of fertilizers overnight, which a few months ago amounted to nearly PLN 5,000 per ton, and now we pay slightly more than PLN 2,000, where grain has become much cheaper and we are losing money on all this, he points out.

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The protest in Szczecin until the end

One of the slogans presented in the green town is “Problems in agriculture today, problems in industry tomorrow”. Farmers are fierce and determined. As they say, they will picket until the end.

Farmers protest in SzczecinTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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