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Szczecin. Gynecologist’s patients summoned for questioning. Dr. Maria Kubisa: Right now, patients are afraid to say anything, and I’m afraid to type anything. How to treat people?

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What is most clearly seen in my example is how medical confidentiality is protected. Right now, patients are afraid to say anything, and I’m afraid to type anything. How to treat people? – said Dr. Maria Kubisa, a gynecologist from Szczecin, in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. In January, the CBA seized her patient records, calendar and phone. The gynecologist’s patients are summoned for questioning.

Agents in January CBA They entered the office of gynecologist Dr. Maria Kubisa from Szczecin and took several thousand charts from 30 years of her medical practice. All as part of an investigation conducted by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin. The investigation concerns aiding and abetting an illegal abortion. So far, the gynecologist has not been charged or even questioned. However, her patients are summoned for questioning.

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Dr. Kubisa, asked on Monday in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 whether she already knew what this case was about, said that “it’s hard for her to understand because she hasn’t been informed yet.” – The only thing I found out during the hearing considering my attorney’s complaint was that during some other proceedings they took someone’s phone, found something, that is, the prosecutor, and there they read that I allegedly helped someone with an abortion and that was the reason for eliminating me. – she added.

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– My imagination cannot comprehend it, but the imagination of my patients with whom I talked today during the full-day practice was also exceeded – she said.

The gynecologist was asked whether, therefore, “medical secrets and medical secrets are protected in Poland or whether they have ceased to be protected.”

– This is probably most clearly visible in my example, how she is protected. Of course it’s not protected. Right now, patients are afraid to say anything, and I’m afraid to type anything. How to treat people? Someone tell us, said the gynecologist.

She said that the documentation taken included “all information about births, miscarriages, treatment, infections, inflammations and other things, ultrasound photos, but not only that, also photos after operations.” She emphasized that she “was unable to protect this data.”

Dr. Kubisa: currently women are afraid to go to the gynecologist

When asked whether after these events women would be afraid to go to the gynecologist, she replied: – “at the moment, women are afraid to go to the gynecologist.”

– Tomorrow I’m leaving for my job at the hospital in Prenzlau (the town of… Germany approx. 40 km from Szczecin – ed.) and I really don’t know how many Polish patients I will find there who will need diagnostics, treatment, those who are afraid to go to a gynecologist in Poland – she said.

When asked if many patients come to see her in Germany, she said “very many”. – I’m denying it here because everyone thinks that patients come for abortions. That is not true. They come for other procedures, they come for sterilization, a lot of these patients, but also for treatment. They pay for this treatment themselves, Kubisa said.

She added that “there are a dozen or so patients a week.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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