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Szczecin: He attacked paramedics. Sentence for Piotr O.

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They came to help his friend. Then Piotr O. attacked the rescuers, trying to get inside by force. Police intervention was necessary. The Szczecin court sentenced the man to prison. According to the court’s verdict, he is to spend a year and four months behind bars. The decision is not final.

The incident took place on January 7, before 10 am in Zakole Street in Szczecin. Then an ambulance was called to a woman lying in front of the block, who showed no signs of life. Lifeguards arrived and began to help her. When they transferred her to the ambulance, her friend, Piotr O. appeared. The man tried, through the back door, to enter the ambulance. Lifeguards managed to close the door.

According to Paulina Heigel, a spokeswoman for the Provincial Ambulance Station in Szczecin, the man started hitting the ambulance. He was asked not to interfere with rescue operations. Then Piotr O. – as reported by the spokeswoman of the Szczecin ambulance service – entered the ambulance from the side of the cab and attacked the rescuers with pepper spray.


One of the paramedics was injured

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One of the rescuers went outside to stop the attacker. Moments later, two more ambulances arrived, which were just free and were returning from other interventions. The police also came. In the meantime, the patient regained consciousness and one of the ambulances went to the hospital. The second ambulance team helped stop the aggressive man.

As a result of the attack by the attacker, a rescuer was injured who was hit in the face with the gas. He had a shoulder injury, pain in the head and facial skin.

“They couldn’t provoke”

Now Piotr O. heard the verdict. The District Court of Szczecin Prawobrzeże i Zachód sentenced him to one and four months in prison. The man is also to pay a thousand zlotys in interest for each of the aggrieved parties.

Judge Barbara Rezmer pointed out that the accused had not been punished before. In the justification, however, she emphasized that the reasons for the attack were incomprehensible. – You attacked while saving the lives of paramedics – emphasized the judge.

During the trial, the accused first pleaded guilty and explained on several occasions why he had done so. Then he began to complain about the behavior of the rescuers after the attack. However, the court found that as it had already happened after the attack, they could not provoke the accused.

The court found that the lowest penalty for this offense would be too lenient. Therefore, he tightened her from one year in prison to one year and four months in prison. “This amount of sentence precludes her from being suspended from execution,” said Rezmer.

The judgment is not final. Piotr O. was threatened with up to 10 years imprisonment.

Main photo source: TVN24

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