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Szczecin. Jakub Znojek was hit by a drunk he was trying to stop. Higher sentence for the driver

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The Court of Appeal in Szczecin increased Vadym I.’s prison sentence from 13 years and two months to 15 years and two months. The man, driving a car under the influence of alcohol, hit Jakub Znojek, who tried to prevent him from driving. The victim suffered severe injuries and requires constant rehabilitation and care.

– The victim acted with the intention of protecting the society against the danger of a drunk driver, (…) the progress in improving the victim’s health is very slow. The consequences will most likely be irreversible for the victim to some extent. Weighing these circumstances, we decided that 13 years of imprisonment is too lenient and we increased it to 15 years, judge of the Court of Appeal in Szczecin, Maciej Żelazowski, said on Thursday. As he added, “this resulted in the need to impose a more severe total penalty.”

At the end of August 2022, the District Court in Szczecin sentenced Vadym I. to thirteen years and two months of imprisonmentPLN 100,000 in compensation and a 10-year driving ban.

The court then found that the defendant had intended to commit the crime intentionally. – He wanted to avoid being stopped by the victim for driving an Audi while intoxicated and losing his driving license – he stressed.

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He doesn’t walk, doesn’t talk, doesn’t eat on his own. He hasn’t smiled in a year. Tried to stop a drunk driver

The incident took place on December 24, 2020 near a gas station at ul. Hrubieszowska in Szczecin. Jakub Znojek, then 22, noticed a vehicle whose driver, without lights on, was performing maneuvers indicating that he might be under the influence of alcohol.

When the driver pulled into a nearby gas station, the 22-year-old followed him and tried to stop him from continuing his journey. He approached him, and when he stood at the open driver’s side door and spoke to the suspect, the latter abruptly reversed the car. The young man suffered serious injuries. including craniocerebral trauma, facial and chest trauma. They have resulted in severe incurable disease and incapacity for work.

Jakub is looked after by his parents in the rehabilitation centreMateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

Defender of the driver: there is a high probability that we will file a cassation appeal in this case

The man’s lawyer argued that the defendant’s goal was not to kill Jakub Znojek. – In my opinion, this factual situation does not determine the assumption that even in the possible intention it was possible to predict that the accused agreed with the murder – said on Thursday the defendant’s defender, attorney Grzegorz Wołek.

As he added, “there is a high probability” that he will file a cassation appeal in this case, so that – as he added – “this Supreme Courtanalyzing it finally, settled this issue.” – The circumstances of this case, in my opinion, indicated that we are not dealing with a possible intention to cause murder – he added.

As Jakub Znojek’s father told journalists, he is satisfied with the sentence, but in his opinion “the penalties for such perpetrators are too low”. “Even if he gets 50 years, or life imprisonment, or the death penalty, he will not restore my son’s health to me.” There is no such penalty. I do not know what needs to be done so that they do not drive drunk on these streets – said Zbigniew Znojek.

He added that his son is recovering well, but he still has many years of rehabilitation ahead of him.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter, tvnwarszawa.pl

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