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Szczecin. Judgment in the case of the “beast from Sulików”. Dawid J. offered Magda help, then killed him. It was his second kill

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The trial in the case of Dawid J. from Sulików, who is responsible for the rape and murder of 18-year-old Magda from a small town near Kamień Pomorski (West Pomerania), has ended before the District Court in Szczecin. J. committed his first similar crime when he was 14 years old. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. He will spend at least 35 years in prison.

Dawid J. was sentenced to life imprisonment on Tuesday. He will be eligible for parole after 35 years. The judgment is invalid.

Dawid J. faced a penalty of not less than 12 years of imprisonment, 25 years or life imprisonment. The media gave him the nickname “the beast from Sulików”.

Dawid J. in court (archive photo)tvn24

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He offered help, Magda’s body was found in the forest. Dawid J. confessed to the crime

About the circumstances of the crime in May 2021 Krzysztof Sierak, Deputy Prosecutor General, announced during a joint press conference with the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro. At that time, politicians praised the services for the quick arrest of J. and assured that the perpetrator would face severe punishment.

Magda, a student at the Secondary School with Bilingual Departments. Boleslaw the Brave in Gryfice, she went missing on May 24, 2021when she went shopping on a scooter. Two days later, her father reported her missing. – He could not get any contact with his daughter – said Sierak.

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The policemen who started the search focused on the analysis of camera recordings in places where Magda had passed. They also investigated the history of mobile phone logins in the area. Based on this work, they indicated that the probable perpetrator is Dawid J. The man was arrested on May 29.

– He confessed to the murder, but did not indicate how it happened. He also did not explain what motivated him to commit the crime, Sierak said.

Krzysztof Sierak on the findings so far regarding the death of eighteen-year-old MagdaTVN24 Lodz

On an unlucky day, 18-year-old Magda had a problem with starting her scooter at one of the supermarkets in Kamień Pomorski. Help was offered to her by Dawid J. He offered to give her a ride home.

Investigators said he hit her hard in the face while driving. Probably many times. J. is a powerful man and had no problem overpowering his victim. He then took the young woman into the woods and strangled her there. He hid the body under the roots of a fallen tree, covering it with leaves and earth.

He’s killed before. The victim was a classmate one year younger

This was not Dawid J’s first crime. When he was only 14 – in 2006 – his first victim was a 13-year-old classmate. Initially, he acted as a witness in the investigation – he lied to the police that he had seen Sylwia get into a strange car. Later, it turned out that traces of DNA on the victim’s body unquestionably indicate that he is the perpetrator.

The material of Fakty TVN about the family of the murdered Sylwia, who has to live next to her daughter's killer

The material of Fakty TVN about the family of the murdered Sylwia, who has to live next to her daughter’s killer

The girl’s body was found in a rapeseed field near her home. The subsequent description of her injuries covered 11 pages. The teenager was raped. Dawid was arrested 50 days after finding the girl’s body. He confessed.

J. went to a reformatory. During the leaves, he was to commit other crimes – among other things, he molested his 11-year-old sister, robbed a young woman by threatening her with a knife.

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In 2012, he was released and returned to his hometown. The family of the murdered woman complained that she had to see him every day, and that the then young man showed no remorse.

– He will come out of juvie, then he will be even bigger, stronger. And will it come out fixed? The fact that he stayed in the juvenile detention center was like being on holiday – the mother of a murdered girl was nervous years ago. In the end, the victim’s parents could not stand the pressure and moved out.

The New Life of David J.

Dawid J. found a partner with whom he has two daughters. They lived in Sulików with their mother, stepfather and J.’s two sisters – including the one he had previously molested. The villagers gave him a second chance. – There was fear, he is quite a powerful boy. I don’t think I’d stand a chance with him. I had to live. What were we all supposed to change our address because he came back? It’s a bit unreal, she told the reporter Comments! TVN one of the residents. She added that they explained to themselves that “when he found a fiancée and had children, he settled down.”

"This is the problem of people whom criminologists say is a man with two faces"

“This is the problem of people who criminologists say is a man with two faces”TVN24

Psychiatrist: The Face Victims See Before They Die

But experts say that was a misconception, and J. was like a ticking time bomb. – On the basis of this first crime and his subsequent behavior, there was a high probability that he would commit a similar act in the future – commented Jerzy Pobocha, a psychiatrist, a long-time court expert analyzing similar cases. He characterized J as a person who “has no moral feelings, no moral inhibitions” and, on the other hand, has “difficulties in inhibiting the sexual drive”. – All this together causes that this man is programmed in this way – said the expert.

Criminals like J have according to Pobocha, “two faces”. – One face is the one that family, neighbors and friends know, and the other is the one that the victim will often see in the last moments before death – he explained.

The expert pointed out how important the forensic forecast and regular examinations of such dangerous criminals are. “I am outraged that this has happened. You knew he was going to do something like this sooner or later. And he noted: – These people must be monitored, they must be supervised. They must contact a doctor, psychotherapist, probation officer, etc. It must be made clear whether it is better for him to be isolated in some way, which was done for pedophiles, or is it better to wait and hope that he may not kill. This can not be. There is no more protected good than health and life.

Main photo source: tvn24

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