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Szczecin, Kamień Pomorski. A man convicted of the death of 14-month-old Kamil

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The court in Szczecin passed a verdict in the case of a 14-month-old child in one of the buildings in Kamień Pomorski. The boy died as a result of gas poisoning, the source of which was the rat poison that Henryk C. had spread. The building owner won’t have to go to jail.

The Court of Appeal in Szczecin issued a verdict on Wednesday in the case of causing the fatal poisoning of a 14-month-old child and causing a life-threatening event for many people. The court mitigated a much earlier sentence for Henryk C. The man was punished with a year in prison suspended for 3 years. The judgment is final.

Time has not healed the wounds

Henryk C., the owner of one of the multi-family buildings in Kamień Pomorski, spread a poisonous agent for rats in the building during Christmas in 2020. The preparation without the original packaging and instructions for use, he was supposed to buy from a friend. The measure turned out to be extremely dangerous also for humans.

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As reported in February this year, the first judgment in this case was passed in the court in Szczecin. Henryk C. was found guilty and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. The man was also to pay the victims PLN 11,000 in compensation. The court considered that the sentence was affected by the fact that C. had acted unintentionally.

After the announcement of the decision of the court of first instance, Mr. Grzegorz, the father of the deceased child, said: “Can two years for the death of a child be satisfactory? No, they cannot. We believe that the sentence will be a warning for the next self-proclaimed exterminators. Time has not healed the wounds.”

The man was sentenced to 2 years in prisontvn24

Kamil died on Christmas Day

Down The tragedy took place in Kamień Pomorski (West Pomeranian voivodeship). The services received a report on December 25, 2020 around 1 pm. A 33-year-old man called for an ambulance.

– He complained of abdominal pain, vomiting, general malaise, among other things. Similar ailments affected two other people who stayed with this man, i.e. a 25-year-old woman and a 14-month-old child – said Paulina Targaszewska from the Provincial Ambulance Station in Szczecin.

The woman and child were transported to the hospital.

However, the man refused to be transported to the hospital and remained at the place of the report. The child was conscious and his vital signs were normal. However, it was weakened, irritable, crying – Targaszewska said.

Despite the best efforts of the doctors, the child’s condition deteriorated rapidly. He died in the hospital. As the main cause of death, experts recognized phosphine poisoning.

Hydrogen sulfide detected

Initially, it was suspected that the poisoning was caused by carbon monoxide. However, firefighters did not detect him in the building. Only after a few hours, at the request of the police, tests for the presence of other poisonous substances were repeated, and then the presence of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide in life-threatening concentrations was detected.

SEE THE MATERIAL OF “FACTS” TVN: A 14-month-old child died, had symptoms of poisoning. The tenants point to rat poison

The source of these substances and the phosphine found in the child’s body was supposed to be rat poison spread in the building.

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