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Szczecin, Łask. They were supposed to kill and “commit an act of cannibalism”. End of trial, defense attorneys ask for acquittal

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The accused were to cruelly torture and then kill an unknown man. After all, as stated in the indictment by the prosecutor’s office, they were to desecrate the body and “commit an act of cannibalism”. Investigators failed to establish the identity of the victim, the motive for the murder, or when the crime occurred. The prosecutor’s office requests that the accused be sentenced to imprisonment from 14 years to life imprisonment. Men’s defenders want their acquittal. The verdict in this case is to be announced on September 27.

The trial of four men ended before the court in Szczecin. According to the indictment, they cruelly torture and then kill a man with unknown personalities. After the closing speeches, the judge announced that the sentence would be issued on September 27.

According to the prosecutors, the defendants “on an undetermined date in the period from July to October 2002 in the vicinity of Łasko and Strzelce Krajeńskie, acting jointly and in agreement after being beaten and deprived of liberty with particular torment, acting with particular cruelty and, as a result of motivation deserving special condemnation, killed by decapitating a man with undetermined personal data, and then committed an act of cannibalism. ” This is what we read in the indictment.

Life imprisonment or acquittal

On Monday, Hubert Kołtuniak from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin argued in court that the men were guilty. For Robert M., who was to be the initiator of the murder, he demanded life imprisonment. For Janusz Sz. and Sylwestra B., he applied for 25 years ‘imprisonment, and for Rafał O., who was the only one at one point in the investigation to admit that the incident had occurred, 14 years’ imprisonment.

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Jan Widacki, defense attorney of Robert M., asked to acquit his client. The lawyers of the other accused acted similarly. According to them, the murder and act of cannibalism never happened.

Investigators failed to establish the identity of the alleged victim. The remains allegedly drowned in one of the lakes near Łask have not been found.

Pact of silence

The only one who admitted participation in the murder was Rafał O. However, as the defense of the other men argues, his testimony was devoid of details and contradictory. He could not indicate the place or date of the event. During the trial, the man withdrew his testimony.

As O. originally testified, the fifth member of the “group”, Zbigniew B., was to be killed. It was B. who was also supposed to tell about what had happened while drinking. The victim was to be kidnapped from a bar that no longer exists in the town of Łasko. Then the kidnappers were to drink alcohol and torture the abducted man, and finally Robert M. was to order Zbigniew B. to kill the victim. The prosecutor’s office has not been able to establish why M. wanted the man to die.

After the murder, Robert M. was to force the remaining men to make a pact of silence, which they were to seal by eating the victim. Her remains were to be dumped in the lake.


Those accused of the murder face life imprisonment.

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