Szczecin. On a scooter with five permille of alcohol in the body. “He didn’t see the problem”


The police suspected that a resident of Szczecin was riding a scooter under the influence of alcohol. It turned out that the 25-year-old had about five per mille of alcohol in his body. Even though – as the uniformed officers emphasize – “an inglorious record was broken”, the man allegedly “did not see a problem” in what happened. He was fined.

A 25-year-old resident of Szczecin who was riding an electric scooter caught the attention of traffic police. “The officers stopped him for inspection, suspecting that the way he rode the scooter might be due to his intoxication. A moment later, it turned out that their suspicions were justified, because the police breathalyzer showed 2.5 mg/l of alcohol in the exhaled air, which gives about five per mille,” we read in the police statement.

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2.5 milligrams of alcohol per liter of exhaled air means approximately 5 per milleKMP Szczecin

Police: didn’t see a problem

According to the uniformed officers, both the police and the inspected person were surprised. The officers were surprised by the fact that the driver was able to move on his own because he “didn’t see a problem with the fact that he was driving the scooter under the influence of alcohol and it was normal for him.”

He was fined PLN 2,500. And the police emphasize that the man contributed to “breaking the infamous record.”

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