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Szczecin. Rescuers did not allow the patient to smoke a cigarette, they were attacked

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A drunk man did not accept the arguments of paramedics who tried to help him after he injured himself after a fall. When they wouldn’t let him smoke a cigarette, he attacked the medics. One of them was hospitalized.

As Paulina Heigel, a spokeswoman for the West Pomeranian emergency service, informs us, on Tuesday after midnight rescuers were called to Przecław near Szczecin. The 42-year-old called an ambulance after he fell over and fell on glass while intoxicated. The man reported his condition himself.

– Paramedics rushed to the spot. When the medical rescue team finally reached this man, they checked his health, decided to transport him to the hospital, but then the patient said that he still had a lot of time and would smoke a cigarette, Heigel reports.

The rescuer was taken to the hospital, as was the patient

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Then the paramedics informed the patient that there was no time for this. – Then he got angry, started insulting the paramedics and attacked them – describes the spokeswoman.

As a result of the assault, one of the rescuers with a serious leg injury was taken to the hospital. The aggressive patient had to wait for another team, which finally took him to the hospital as well.

The police were called to the spot. The man is likely to be charged with assaulting a medical officer, which carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

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