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Szczecin. Scooter on the highway and against traffic. Recording

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On a section of the A6 motorway in Szczecin, the police stopped a man who was riding an electric scooter against traffic. A breathalyzer test showed that he had over two per mille of alcohol in his system. The man received two tickets for a total of five thousand złoty for driving under the influence of alcohol and causing a threat to road traffic.

The incident occurred on July 6 on the section between the Szczecin Dąbie and Rzęśnica junctions on the A6 motorway. The police stopped a drunk man for a check, who was riding a scooter against traffic. The driver was moving between cars stuck in a traffic jam.

The recording sent by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways shows how at first the man was driving in the emergency lane in the same direction as the cars. Then he was driving against the flow between the cars in the traffic jam. At one point, you can see a police patrol approaching the man with sirens on.

– The man was given two fines: for riding a scooter while intoxicated and for causing a hazard in road traffic. In total, he has to pay five thousand zlotys – said the press officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Szczecin, Junior Warrant Officer Paweł Pankau.

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A breathalyzer test showed he had over two per mille of alcohol in his system. The man was a passenger in one of the cars stuck in a traffic jam, so after police activities he was handed over to a sober friend.

A man was driving against traffic on the A6 motorway in SzczecinGDDKiA

He was previously driving on the emergency lane.GDDKiA

Main image source: GDDKiA

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