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Szczecin sells city bikes. The Tri-City announces their return

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A bicycle for PLN 61 – encourages the Szczecin City Hall. The authorities are getting rid of vehicles from the no longer existing city bike rentals, because they are to be replaced by new generation equipment. However, not all cities will return to borrowing two wheels. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Szczecin is selling bikes withdrawn from the streets. – We have PLN 184.50 each, this is the – let’s say – higher shelf, better technical and visual condition. Cheaper bikes for PLN 61.50 – informs Wojciech Jachim from Szczeciński Rower Miejski.


A new era is coming – fourth generation vehicles. New bikes can be left anywhere where the system operates. – From March 1, we want to start a new system, where there will be 800 of these bikes – adds Wojciech Jachim.

Szczecin sells city bikesTVN24

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Krakow gives up on city bikes

City bikes will not come back to Krakow yet. – We are constantly monitoring changes. We are not saying that there will be no bicycle, but that it is suspended for the time being – admits Łukasz Francek, director of the Road Transport Authority in Krakow.

– I do not think that a city of this size and character should get rid of the institution of a city bike, because it is something that should continue to a certain extent, on an appropriate scale – claims Adam Jędrzejewski from the Mobile City association.

Officials claim that many people from Krakow have already become convinced of two wheels and ride their bicycles. Electric bikes, which the city is testing, are to be the future. Ultimately, however, it hopes that private companies will invest in such a means of transport.

– Just like with scooters: first they appeared somewhere outside Poland, then they appeared in our cities. And here I think it will be similar, which means that it will not be necessary to involve tens of millions of zlotys from taxpayers – predicts Łukasz Franek.

Unreliable bicycle system in the commune of Michałowice

There is also a question mark over the bicycle system in the Michałowice commune near Warsaw. When the pandemic broke out, the system was shut down. This year, the commune asked the residents if the bikes should come back. Most were against. The vast majority were also in favor of spending money on infrastructure instead of a bicycle system.

Next year, there will be less money for municipal bicycles. – Perhaps there will be fewer stations, and maybe there will be the same number of stations, and less bicycles available at the stations – says Anna Fabisiak, deputy mayor of the Michałowice commune. – It also depends on how we launch the tender and what bidders submit offers to us – he explains. City bikes broke popularity records a few years ago. A lot has changed over the past few years and the pandemic has come. There is also competition in the streets. – Distortion of proportions in such a way that there is no city bike, but only electric scooters, is also not entirely healthy and desired by the local community and city management – claims Adam Jędrzejewski.

The Tri-City is returning to city bikes

The Mobile City Association estimates that the city bike market has already rebounded by 10 percent year on year. The system wants to reactivate other agglomerations, including the Tri-City.

– We believe that bicycles are still fashionable and needed, and we are doing our best to bring them back to the metropolis as soon as possible – says Dagmara Kleczewska, project manager of Mewo. When? It is not known.

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