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Szczecin. Sentence in the case of the fatal hitting of a pedestrian with the participation of an ambulance

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A judgment was passed before the Szczecin court in the case of a fatal accident that took place in June 2022. The court sentenced Yevgeny K. to two years for crashing into an ambulance, as a result of which the medical vehicle drove into a bus stop where several people were standing. One of them died.

A verdict was passed before the District Court in Szczecin in the case of a fatal accident in 2022 on Piastów Street. An ambulance and a passenger car took part in it, a pedestrian was killed. The court found the driver of the passenger car Yevgeny K. guilty.

Only he didn’t see the ambulance

As indicated by the court, the man deliberately violated the rules of the road. He was moving at an excessive speed, he was not particularly careful and he was not observing his surroundings properly. As a result, he did not start the braking maneuver in advance and hit a properly moving emergency vehicle – the side of the ambulance. She changed the direction of travel, as a result of which she hit a woman standing at the bus stop. The woman died.

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He was sentenced to two years in prison and a 10-year ban on driving any type of motor vehicle. He is also to pay interest in the amount of 30,000. PLN and 20 thousand. PLN for the victims.

As the judge emphasized, of all the witnesses, only the accused stated that he did not see the ambulance. He also had a total of 37 speeding tickets on his record, most of which were in built-up areas.

The defendant applied for a reduced sentence due to the birth of the child, but the court found that two years instead of eight years was still a lenient sentence.

The judgment is not final.

The ambulance pulled into the stoptvn24

He answered freely

Szczecin-Śródmieście District Prosecutor’s Office In February this year, she filed an indictment with the court against the driver who On June 17, 2022, he was to cause an accident in Szczecin in which a woman died. The prosecutor’s office accused the 35-year-old man of intentionally violating road safety rules by failing to exercise extreme caution and proper observation of the driving area, which resulted in a collision with an emergency vehicle and fatally hitting a pedestrian, i.e. for an act under Art. 177 § 1 and 2 of the Penal Code.

According to the findings of the investigators, the suspect, moving on the right lane of ul. Lives I in the direction of ul. Piastów with a Mercedes car exceeded the speed – it was driving at a speed of at least 87 kilometers per hour, while the speed limit in this place is 50 kilometers per hour.

It was confirmed that the ambulance was driving “on the siren” and, although it entered the intersection on a red light, it had the right of way in this situation. How we described in June last year, the car hit the right side of the ambulanceand he ran into a tram stop where a group of people were waiting for a tram.

The 35-year-old was sober at the time of the accident and had never been convicted before. He pleaded not guilty to causing the accident. He was answerable on a free foot – he was placed under police surveillance, banned from leaving the country and guaranteed property.

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