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Szczecin, Srebrna Street. Their house collapsed after the explosion. Help is announced by the city and the voivode, the case is investigated by the prosecutor’s office

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Seven people are injured after a gas explosion in a detached house in Szczecin. There are two children among the injured. The investigation into what happened is being carried out by the prosecutor’s office, and not only the voivode, but also the municipality will help the victims.

As Alicja Macugowska-Kyszka from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin informed us, after an explosion in a house on Srebrna Street, investigators conduct proceedings in terms of unintentionally bringing about an event threatening the health and life of many people and large property.

– At the scene of the incident, the inspection and activities were carried out by the prosecutor, technicians in the field of forensics, experts in the field of fire and gas services. The causes of the incident will be determined as part of the proceedings, Macugowska-Kyszka told us.

“Daddy’s house was completely destroyed”

Information about the event the services received on Saturday before 4 p.m.. – We received a notification about a gas explosion in a single-family house on Srebrna Street – said Cpt. Franciszek Goliński from the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Szczecin.

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The house collapsed after the explosion. Seven people were injured. According to Paulina Heigel, spokeswoman for the Provincial Ambulance Station, two children aged seven and three are among the victims. These are girls, one with a head injury, the other with burns to the limbs. The remaining five victims are adults aged 30-61, mainly with burns and spinal injuries.

Szczecin. Explosion in a single-family housePAP / Marcin Bielecki

As Heigel reported, “The most severe condition is a 61-year-old man who was taken unconscious by helicopter to the hospital. He has burns to his respiratory tract, head, chest, limbs – 60 percent of his body surface overall.”

In conversation with us Natalia Ejsmont, daughter of the 61-year-old victim and mother of the girls admitted that her dad’s house was completely destroyed. Almost nothing could be saved.

– Dad is in a serious condition, 70 percent of his body and respiratory tract are burned. He is under a respirator, in a hospital in Gryfice. I know that he is in good hands, I spoke to the doctor – Natalia Ejsmont told TVN24.

Help for the injured

On Sunday, Zbigniew Bogucki, the voivode of West Pomerania, informed about assistance for the victims of the incident.

– There must be a motion from the mayor of the city here, I hope it will arrive on Monday morning. My services are in contact with the MOPR (Municipal Family Support Center – ed.), With the city. If this application is only received, I think that we will consider the application within one day and it is PLN 4,800 from the voivode’s budget and PLN 1,200 from the city budget, a total of 6,000 for this emergency aid. This first aid is the fastest and can be activated in one day – Bogucki explained.

Dariusz Sadowski, spokesman for the City Hall in Szczecin, assured that the family would receive psychological help, as well as an allowance for current needs. – It will be several thousand zlotys per household. If necessary, there is also readiness to transfer a replacement apartment – Sadowski assured us.

The fundraiser on behalf of the injured family was also created by the chairwoman of the estate council, Mrs. Marta Saranek-Żurawska. Money can be deposited through the portal spalka.pl.

Ashes after the explosion of a house in Szczecintvn24

The woman was crushed by the wall

– I was one of the first there. There was a bang and then I heard a cry for help. The building collapsed, its elements were flying. The gentleman standing next to him said there was a girl inside. He was burned. I took her out. Then I saw the other gentleman, also burned, thrown away from the building. I found out that there was still a woman in the room. But there was no room left. This lady was crushed by the wall. The four of us pulled her out. It was difficult, but it worked – said Andrzej Dołęcki, witness of the explosion.


There were six fire brigades working on the site. There were also ambulances and two helicopters of the Polish Medical Air Rescue.

Main photo source: tvn24

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