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Szczecin. The captain of the great shipping in his will bequeathed 60,000 dollars to the cardiology department of the hospital

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The master of great shipping, who died in August last year, obliged his heirs to donate 60,000 dollars to the Independent Public Provincial Hospital in Szczecin, the institution informed. The money – in accordance with his will – is to be used to purchase equipment for the cardiology department.

The Independent Public Provincial Integrated Hospital in Szczecin, commonly known as the hospital at Arkońska Street, thanked on its website for the funds that the late captain of the great shipping Zbigniew Sak bequeathed to them in his will.

$60,000 “for the purchase of medical equipment” for cardiology

According to the hospital, in his will the captain “obliged the testamentary heirs to pay the amount of USD 60,000.00 as an ordinary bequest to the Independent Public Provincial Integrated Hospital in Szczecin (…) for the purpose of purchasing medical equipment to equip the cardiology ward”.

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Hospital at Arkońska Street in Szczecin TVN24 archive

As the representatives of the hospital wrote, “We bow our heads and send our gratitude to the late Captain Zbigniew Sak, but also to his children who care about the fulfillment of their father’s will. Thank you – on behalf of the hospital and our cardiological patients, who certainly will benefit from the Captain’s donation.

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Pioneer of Polish ferry shipping

The captain was a well-known personality in Szczecin, the author of many publications about sailing and the sea. He received his master’s diploma in 1959 – at that time he was the youngest captain in the Polish post-war naval fleet. He was one of the pioneers of Polish ferry shipping, as well as one of the originators and founders of the Polish Baltic Shipping Company in Kołobrzeg and the creator of the Świnoujście-Kopenhaga and Gdynia-Karlskrona ferry lines. He died on August 4 last year at the age of 93.

Main photo source: TVN24 archive

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