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Szczecin. The car hit a group of pedestrians. Witness accounts “What sticks in my mind the most is the screams of two children”

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– I looked to my right and saw people bouncing off this Ford. A tragic experience. There was a lot of blood, people were screaming. What sticks in my mind the most is the screams of two children. I couldn’t recover for the first few hours – describes one of the witnesses of the accident at Rodła Square in Szczecin (West Pomeranian Voivodeship). Igor and Mikołaj talked about what they saw and the emotions they felt when the car hit a group of pedestrians.

Igor, interviewed by a TVN24 reporter, said that he saw the driver a few moments before the accident.

– I was sitting in a driving school car at the time and this man managed to pass me. There was a second, maybe two, and a huge bang was heard. At first I thought he might have hit a lamp. We reached the intersection and turned around. There were about 40 people standing next to the man. There was also a terrible traffic jam – Igor reported.

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– This driver was driving at approximately 70-80 km/h against traffic in the bus lane. The entire windshield was broken and the left window was open, with his head sticking out. At the height of the bus and tram stop on the island, he got into a head-on with another car. Due to his momentum, he hit three more people. I had this person a foot away from me and I was staring at him moments before he drove into the group of people. It was terrifying – he added in an interview with TVN24.

In turn, Mikołaj, the second witness, was riding a bicycle on the bicycle path. He saw a Ford Fiesta crash into people. -I looked to my right and saw people bouncing off that Ford. A tragic experience. There was a lot of blood, people were screaming. What sticks in my mind the most is the screams of two children. “I couldn’t get over it for the first few hours,” he said.

Mikołaj witnessed the events that took place in SzczecinTVN24

A car almost hit him. – If I had entered the crossing five seconds later, that driver would have hit me. My first reaction was to get off the bike, take off my bag and call 911. Another cyclist and I tried to help the injured. After a few minutes, the emergency services arrived, he admitted.

Prosecutor’s investigation

The Szczecin district prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation into the attempted murder of many people and causing a land traffic disaster. – The findings of the investigation so far allow us to assume that the event – driving into a group of people – was intentional and deliberate – said Piotr Wieczorkiewicz, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin, in an interview with TVN24.

No alcohol or psychotropic substances were detected in the driver’s system.

– The man pleaded guilty and gave explanations. Investigators brought him further charges – escaping from the scene and causing injuries to a group of people – reporter Bartosz Bartkowiak reported on TVN24 on Saturday.

Prosecutor's office: he drove into the group intentionally

Prosecutor’s office: he drove into the group intentionallyTVN24

Four counts, he faces life in prison

– The man is suspected of attempting to murder many people, causing a land traffic disaster, escaping from the scene of an accident and causing aggravated injuries under Article 156 and Article 157 of the Penal Code – confirmed Piotr Wieczorkiewicz, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin. The suspect faces a sentence of up to life in prison.

The prosecutor’s office submitted an application to the court for temporary arrest. The court agreed to this request due to the fear of fraud and concealment, the threat of a high penalty, and the high probability of committing an act.

The most seriously injured is a 58-year-old woman

West Pomeranian Voivode Adam Rudawski summed up on Saturday afternoon that 18 ambulance teams and 70 policemen worked at the accident site. – Among the twenty injured, six are Ukrainian citizens. The list of names has already been forwarded to the consul, he said.

Jarosław Bursa, the doctor on duty at the Emergency Department of the Independent Public Provincial Hospital in Szczecin, said that of the 20 injured, a 58-year-old woman and a 22-year-old woman were in the most serious condition. Women are under constant medical care. Both are Polish citizens.

Szczecin.  A speeding car hit pedestrians.  Doctor about the injured

Szczecin. A speeding car hit pedestrians. Doctor about the injured01/03TVN24

Four more people are in a serious condition.

Among the six children who were injured, there are no life-threatening cases and their injuries are minor. The injured are in seven hospitals in Szczecin.

He drove his car into a group of passers-by

A dramatic accident occurred on Friday at Rodła Square in the center of Szczecin. A 33-year-old man rammed a group of passers-by with his passenger car and then started running away. After driving about a kilometer, it collided with three other cars and injured other people. The driver was detained.

Accident in SzczecinContact 24/ Internet user

As a result of the accident, 20 people were injured, which is one more than initially reported by the services. The 20th person reported to the hospital on Saturday. The youngest injured person is a 5-year-old child, the oldest is 62 years old.

Accident in SzczecinMarcin Bielecki/PAP

The most seriously injured women were transported to the hospital at Unia Lublin. Three minors are also staying here, including two teenagers, whose condition is described as good.

Police findings after the accident

The detained driver is a 33-year-old resident of Szczecin, of Polish nationality. According to preliminary police findings, the perpetrator was sober. He was alone in the vehicle. He hit people standing in front of a pedestrian crossing, next to a tram stop. After the accident, he escaped.

In the center of Szczecin, a speeding passenger car hit a group of peopleMarcin Bielecki/PAP/EPA

– The man drove away from the scene in a different direction, where he caused a collision with three other vehicles. As a result of these collisions, people traveling in these vehicles suffered injuries – reported Paweł Pankau, a junior officer from the Szczecin police.

Main photo source: Marcin Bielecki/PAP

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