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Szczecin. The case of Dr. Maria Kubisa. Her patients are called in for questioning

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The case of a gynecologist from Szczecin returns, where the police seized patient records, not caring about the argument about medical confidentiality. Now Dr. Maria Kubisa’s patients are being called to the police station. The services are checking whether abortion was assisted.

Mrs. Anna has already finished the interrogation and feels sorry for the women who have to face it. – I felt like I had to confess about my private life. I really feel sorry for other patients who receive such a call, says Anna, a patient of Maria Kubisa. The woman had no idea that a single consultation from three years ago with a renowned gynecologist from Szczecin would lead her to the police station. She was asked, among other things, whether the doctor had given her any pills. Mrs. Anna denied it. – They found my phone number because the doctor had my visit written down in her calendar, my name and surname, and only that – adds Mrs. Anna.

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After taking the calendar and phone, the CBA also took 6,000 patient records from the doctor’s office. – On January 9, the CBA practically invaded me and closed down my company and my practice, because they took everything from me – explains gynecologist Maria Kubisa.

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The prosecutor’s office is checking whether Dr. Kubisa helped someone have an abortion, but the doctor has not been questioned yet and does not know what her status is in the case. She assumes that the cause of her problems are denunciations. – And I started bringing some crosses, rosaries, some medals to my office (…) When I finish work, I try to leave with the last patient and close the gate in her presence, because someone may be behind the house and hurt me – says the gynecologist.

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She also felt wronged by the documents being taken away. After two months, the CBA returned the patient cards from the Szczecin office, and the court found that the officers acted incorrectly and took too much.

– We do not know on whose desk the photos of the crotches of women who went to the doctor end up (…) These six thousand women whose medical records were confiscated are currently in a situation of forced confrontation with the entire structure of the oppressive state – emphasizes Bogna Czałczyńska, plenipotentiary of the Marshal of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship for women and equal treatment, Congress of Women in Szczecin.

Maria Kubisa, MD, PhD on CBA searches in a doctor’s office“Fakty po Faktach” TVN24

Silence of the prosecutor’s office

So far, two patients have received a call to be interviewed as a witness. The Congress of Women in Szczecin with lawyers organizes legal assistance. Agnieszka Stach will accompany the second summoned person on Monday. – Today the case concerns gynecological matters, and tomorrow it may concern, for example, psychiatric matters, and knowledge about someone’s disease, about some medical procedures someone undergoes, can be a tool – explains Agnieszka Stach, attorney.

The editorial office of “Fakty” TVN tried to contact the Szczecin prosecutor’s office. Questions sent by e-mail remained unanswered. – I don’t know if this is about harassment of Dr. Kubisa, or maybe it is some form of intimidation – says Rafał Gawęcki, Dr. Kubisa’s representative.

The doctor is also the head of a German hospital. There he works in peace. Once a week he visits my office in Szczecin.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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