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Szczecin. The first Abrams already in Poland

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The first 14 tanks ordered by the Polish army from the United States are already in Poland. They are unloaded in the Szczecin port. Armed with a 120 mm cannon, the tanks are to fill the gap after the transfer of armored equipment to Ukraine. Previously used by the US Marines.

This is the first delivery under the contract concluded in January this year. agreements between the Ministry of National Defense and the government USA for 116 M1A1 Abrams tanks. Deliveries of tanks and other equipment are scheduled for 2023-24. The tanks, previously used by the U.S. Marine Corps, are undergoing a thorough overhaul and will be delivered with their mileage reset.

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The first M1A1 Abrams tanks in PolandTVN24

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$1.4 billion for tanks

In January this year, the Ministry of National Defense concluded a contract for the supply of tanks and accompanying equipment, including 12 M88 Hercules recovery vehicles, assault bridges and command vehicles. The value of the contract is approximately USD 1.4 billion net, of which nearly USD 200 million is covered by the American side as part of the aid granted to Poland. The US also agreed to sell ammunition to Poland, including sub-caliber bullets with a depleted uranium core.

The purchase of 116 retired Marine Corps Abrams was made to expedite equipment replenishment following donations to Ukraine.

M1A1 tanks previously belonged to the US Marine Corps, which gave up armored weapons. As Mariusz Cielma, the editor-in-chief of “Nowa Technika Wojskowa” emphasized, “it is basically the most advanced version of the M1A1 vehicle, expanded in terms of capabilities”. He pointed out that “Marines is the formation that enters combat first, and tanks were taken care of there”, which were modernized, equipped with new observation and data exchange devices. He also paid attention to the pace of deliveries – second-hand tanks, bought to make up for the shortages after the equipment was handed over to Ukraine, will be delivered earlier than brand new tanks in the latest version, purchased in April last year.

The first delivery of many

The second batch – 42 tanks – will be ready by the end of July, at the turn of August and September it will also go to the 1st Armored Brigade. The third – 60 tanks – will be delivered by the end of December, and at the beginning of February 2024 will go to the battalion in Żurawica, which is part of the 19th Mechanized Brigade.

In turn, in April last year, Poland ordered 250 Abrams in the most modern version of the M1A21 SEPv3 for USD 4.7 billion, which are to be delivered in 2024-2026.

Poland is the first European country and the first country FOR THIS except for the US, which bought Abrams. In March this year announced its intention to buy these cars Romania. M1 tanks in various versions have entered the equipment of the armies of Morocco, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Taiwan has also ordered them. They were used in war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iraqi Abrams saw action in the war against the Islamic State (IS), and Saudi Abrams during the civil war in Yemen.

Abrams tanks in the Szczecin portMON/twitter

Over 50 tons in honor of the general

Abrams, named after Gen. Creighton Abrams, the commander of American troops in Vietnam in 1968-1972, is manufactured by General Dynamics. One of the design assumptions was to ensure maximum safety for the crew, which – thanks to the turret design – has a chance to survive also in the event of a hit and ammunition explosion. The Abrams was armed with a 120 mm smoothbore gun constructed by the German company Rheinmetall – also used in the Leopard 2 (both tanks come from a program that provided for a joint American-German construction); license guns were modified by the Americans over time.

The tank, weighing from 55 to 67 tons depending on the version, is powered by a 1,500 horsepower turboshaft engine, which is able to accelerate the machine to a speed of about 70 km per hour. The US military uses aviation fuel, the turbine can be powered by various fuels. Multi-fuel is considered an advantage of the turbine, a disadvantage – higher fuel consumption and the tank’s inability to overcome deep water obstacles.

Main photo source: MON/twitter

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