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Szczecin. The police officer thought she was stopping a drunk driver. She saved his life

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An off-duty police officer while driving through the streets of Szczecin noticed that one of the cars was moving in a zigzag pattern. Initially, she suspected that she was dealing with a drunk driver, but the reality turned out to be different.

Dangerous behavior of a Nissan passenger driver on the road drew the attention of a policewoman who was driving a private vehicle through the streets of Szczecin outside working hours. She noticed how the car in front of her changed lanes without signaling, entering the opposite lane, creating a real danger on the road.

– Uniformed, suspecting that the driver may be under the influence of alcohol, decided to prevent him from continuing to drive. By minimizing the possible threat, she stopped the Nissan and, by removing the keys from the vehicle’s ignition, immobilized it – informs junior asp. Paweł Pankau from the Social Communication Team of the NPM in Szczecin.

Szczecin. The driver wasn’t drunk

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The officer noticed that the man behind the wheel did not behave in a manner typical of a person under the influence of alcohol. So she called not only police support, but also an ambulance.

Her guess turned out to be correct. The ambulance crew, after carrying out an examination, concluded that the driver had suffered a stroke and it was necessary to provide him with assistance. The man was handed over to the care of medical services and his life is not in danger.

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