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Szczecin. The police returned Łukasz Berezak, a volunteer of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, a stolen wheelchair element

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The police detained a 36-year-old man suspected of stealing an electric adapter for Łukasz Berezak’s wheelchair, and the prosecutor’s office made a request for the man’s temporary arrest. On Wednesday, the police returned the equipment to the victim. Łukasz has been a volunteer of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for many years, even though he is seriously ill himself. Without the stolen part, he was unable to move. In the afternoon, he thanked the police in a short post on social media.

On Tuesday afternoon, officers arrested a 36-year-old man suspected of stealing an appetizer. As reported by the Municipal Police Headquarters in Szczecin, “the man was wanted to serve a sentence of two years in prison in connection with property crimes he had committed”. On Wednesday, the man’s charge was changed, and the prosecutor’s office drew up a request for the suspect’s pre-trial detention.

“Actions were carried out with the suspect. The charge was changed to (…) a particularly daring theft in recidivism. An application was made for the temporary arrest of the suspect” – Piotr Wieczorkiewicz from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin told PAP.

Particularly brazen theft is punishable by imprisonment from 6 months to 8 years.

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The policemen also secured the stolen electric starter with him, and before returning it to the owner, they checked whether it was not damaged.

Łukasz Berezak recovered the stolen part of the strollerTVN24

Wednesday after 13 officers of the Szczecin Niebuszewo police station on ul. John Paul II gave to Mrs. Iza, mother of Łukasz Berezak, an electric wheelchair adapter stolen over the weekend. The 19-year-old struggles with many diseases, including Crohn’s disease and congenital immunodeficiency.

– The relief is huge, because the equipment is very expensive. Łukasz has been through a lot of stress – Mrs. Iza told us.

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Łukasz Berezak himself wrote in the late afternoon on his Facebook profile that it was an “important day” for him. “My electric adapter has been found. My mother picked it up from the police station. It was checked in the presence of officers. Thank you very much to all the policemen involved in the search. Thank you to all the local media and throughout Poland for publicizing it. Thank you to social networking sites. ” – he wrote.

It helps even when I’m sick

Łukasz, who lives in Szczecin, is known for actively supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, collecting money, despite his health problems. On Monday, Łukasz’s family informed the police that an electric attachment was missing from the teenager’s stroller.

“Something was stolen, thanks to which I could function on my own at least a little bit” – wrote Łukasz on Instagram. “They stole it from my stairwell at my place of residence. I am very depressed, especially since this equipment cost 9.5 thousand and was bought last year. I can’t leave the house without it,” he added on Facebook, appealing for help in finding stolen part.

Without the stolen part, it can’t function. “He’s grounded at home”

Earlier, Mrs. Iza Berezak, in an interview with TVN24 journalists, reported that the stroller with the extension was in the stairwell and did not bother anyone. It was stolen on a Saturday night or Sunday by 3pm. – Someone stole the extra bed but no battery. Without it, she’s useless. The dopinka was bought last year with funding from PFRON, Łukasz will not receive such funding for the second time – she said.

– Without this device, Łukasz is grounded at home – she noted. And she added: – I hope that someone’s conscience will move and just give it back. My son can’t function without it.

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Łukasz Berezak’s mother: I hope someone’s conscience will move themTVN24

Łukasz Berezak has been collecting money for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity since his early years. In recent years, due to his health, he has given up collecting money on the streets, instead collecting money online. As he himself has repeatedly said, helping is very important to him, because he himself struggles with serious health problems.

Łukasz Berezak during the collection during the 28th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas CharityTVN24 archive

Main photo source: tvn24

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