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Szczecin. The police saved a teacher poisoned by carbon monoxide

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The police saved the life of a music teacher who taught drums in the basement of an art school building in Szczecin. While they were patrolling the streets, they heard a baby crying. It turned out that the teacher lost consciousness during the class. A student who was taking part in the lesson was also injured. Firefighters who arrived on site found very high concentrations of carbon monoxide and methane in the basement room. The police are investigating the circumstances of this incident.

During the evening patrol on April 8, Szczecin police officers heard a baby crying. They decided to find out what the situation was. At the art school, they noticed a man who was very shaken and was holding a crying child in his arms.

According to the police, the boy fainted during a drum lesson in the basement of the art school. The officers learned from him that there was still a teacher in the basement who was unable to leave the room on his own.

Carbon monoxide concentration was high

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– We found out that both the boy and the teacher fainted during classes, and the 48-year-old was unable to get out of the room. So we already had in mind that carbon monoxide might be escaping, explained Staff Sergeant Mateusz Bielecki, one of the policemen who participated in the incident.

The officers ran inside and noticed a man lying on the ground, convulsing, losing consciousness and unable to move. They helped take him outside.

After taking him out of the building, he was taken care of by paramedics who were already on site and helped the 8-year-old boy. Both victims were taken to hospital.

Constable Szymon Kużniewski, the second policeman taking part in the events, added that he did not expect such a patrol and such situations do not happen often. – I feel fulfilled that I managed to help and save this man's life – he added.

Policeman: I feel fulfilled that I managed to helpTVN24

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After the police took the 48-year-old man out of the building, firefighters arrived at the scene and, using measuring devices, found very high concentrations of carbon monoxide and methane. A police spokeswoman said that the police are investigating the case and checking why the concentration in this place was so high.

Main photo source: TVN24

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