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Szczecin. The prosecutor’s office kept medical documents from the gynecologist’s office for over 1.5 months. Patients announce legal action

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Patients of Szczecin gynecologist Maria Kubisa met with a lawyer regarding the detention of their medical records by the prosecutor’s office for over 1.5 months. They claim that their rights have been violated. The women are appalled and announce that they will file complaints against the investigators’ proceedings, as well as letters to the relevant institutions.

Several patients of Maria Kubis, a gynecologist who has an office in Szczecin and also works in Germanymet with lawyers and representatives of the Regional Congress of Women on Tuesday evening. Patients are outraged that the prosecutor’s office kept their medical records for a month and a half taken from the gynecologist’s office.

As the ladies told our reporter, they want explanations as to why someone took their files, preventing treatment when the case conducted by the investigators did not concern them. They also assured that they stood by doctor Kubisa.

– We act in defense of our patients’ rights and in defense of the doctor, who is our trusted person – assured one of them. They call the case “suspicious” and “unacceptable.”

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They are preparing some letters

Women are assisted by a legal team coordinated by advocates Agnieszka Stach and Michał Olechnowicz. During the meeting, the legal aspects and consequences of the “arrest of medical cards” and the blocking of patients’ treatment options were discussed. The patients announced that they would take legal steps, including sending complaints to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin.

– By Thursday, five letters prepared by patrons to several institutions will be prepared. Among others, to the ombudsman for patients’ rights, the ombudsman, the director of personal data protection, the European Court of Human Rights – lists Bogna Czałczyńska, plenipotentiary of the province marshal for women and equal treatment, who was also involved in the case.

Gynecologist Maria Kubisa: I intend to leave this countrytvn24

“Shouldn’t Happen”

Doctor Kubisa has already informed about the case, among others. Medical Chamber and the Ombudsman. The case was also commented on by Michał Bulsa, president of the District Medical Council in Szczecin. He is appalled by how the officers treated the doctor and her patients. On Monday, he sent a letter to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland and the Minister of Justice explaining how to secure evidence in Dr. Kubisa’s office.

– There was a situation here that should not have taken place, because the CBA entered the office during its operating hours, interrupting Dr. Kubisa’s ability to receive patients. In addition, the way in which the documentation is secured has meant that it works to the detriment of patients due to the possibility of delaying the diagnosis or the introduction of appropriate treatment, Bulsa believes.

MPC asks questions

The Ombudsman for Patients’ Rights also took a position on the case. As he wrote in his statement “in connection with media reports related to securing the originals of patients’ medical records, the Ombudsman for Patients’ Rights informs that he asked the doctor in charge of the gynecological practice in Szczecin and the Regional Prosecutor in Szczecin, on whose behalf the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau“.

The MPC reminded that the prosecutor’s office has the right to inspect medical documents, but in such a situation “a copy should be left in the office”.

Files in bags

Agents of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, ordered by the prosecutor’s office, entered the private office of gynecologist Maria Kubisa on January 9. Several officers were to remove patients waiting for an appointment and secure the records of all the women the doctor had seen since 1996. They also took electronic data carriers, including e.g. mobile phone.

Only after the case was described by the media on Monday, February 27, around 13 files were returned. They were brought to the office in bags.

Threats against the gynecologist

According to Kubisa, some documents – concerning German patients (ed. note: the woman is also the head of the German hospital) have still not been returned. – No one has any idea how I work, how many provocations there are, how many strange calls, including threats against me – the doctor complains. “I’m planning to leave this country because I can’t work here,” he admits.

As he emphasizes, the situation has deteriorated significantly after the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal on abortion. Then she practically stopped carrying out pregnancies in Poland.

No complaints so far

Prosecutor Marcin Lorenc, a spokesman for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin, informed that the securing of documents was related to the proceedings regarding aiding abortion, as well as assistance in obtaining drugs that have not been certified in Poland. It was supposed to be “abortifacient”. – The prosecutor issued a decision to demand the handing over of the items, because in the course of the investigation, information was obtained indicating with a high probability that criminal acts could have been committed – he added.

The case came to light during another investigation conducted by CBA officers. Which one – the prosecutor does not reveal.

The doctor on TVN24 denied the allegations. She called them “slander”. No charges have been filed against her so far.

Main photo source: TVN24

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