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Szczecin. Three dead people found in the apartment. There was supposed to be a family quarrel

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In one of the apartments in Szczecin, the bodies of three people were found: two women and a man. Investigators determine what exactly happened. – The securing of traces and gathering evidence concerning the death of three people are in progress – informs the prosecutor’s office. And he informs that the perpetrator of the event is not wanted.

During the night from Friday to Saturday, the police were called to the house at the Wrzosowe Wzgórze estate in Szczecin. According to RMF FM, an 11-year-old boy had to call the services.

– In connection with the incident that took place at night, the prosecutor, with the participation of forensics technicians and the police, was carrying out trial activities – said on Saturday a spokeswoman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin, Alicja Macugowska-Kyszka. As she added, the activities were carried out “in order to protect the traces and evidence against their distortion or disappearance”.


Three bodies in the apartment. Prosecutor’s Office: no one has been arrested and no one is wanted

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The bodies of three people were found on the spot: two women and a man. According to the prosecutor, there will be an autopsy of the dead. – Securing traces and gathering evidence is in progress – emphasized Macugowska-Kyszka. As the prosecutor informed us, no one has been arrested in connection with the case and no one is being sought.

Investigators – at this stage of the proceedings – do not provide more information.

RMF FM: an 11-year-old boy called the police to the scene

RMF FM was the first to inform about the case. According to the radio station, the incident took place during a domestic row. The murder of two women was to be carried out by a man with a knife, who was then to commit suicide.

The victims are his wife (who, according to the portal, died after being transported to the hospital) and mother-in-law. The police were called to the scene of the tragedy by their son – an 11-year-old boy – added. The prosecutor’s office in an interview with TVN24 did not comment or confirm the information about the child who was to witness the event.

TVN24 Szczecin, RMF FM, PAP

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