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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Szczytno. Brutal beating of an 18-year-old girl. Nicodemus C. on the charge of attempted murder

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A teenager was brutally beaten right in front of her house in Szczytno (Warmia-Masuria Province), after a party on her 18th birthday. The victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries. Police detained 19-year-old Nikodem C., who heard, inter alia, the charge of attempted murder.

The teenagers were beaten at around 2.30 am from Saturday to Sunday in Szczytno. As told to us by Sgt. Izabela Cyganiuk from the County Police Headquarters in Szczytno, it happened near the victim’s house. At the time of his arrest, Nikodem C. was under the influence of alcohol. He was brought before the prosecutor’s office on Monday.

The information about the charges was provided by Krzysztof Stodolny, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Olsztyn.

– In the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczytno, 19-year-old Nikodem C. was charged with the attempted murder and serious bodily injury of a teenager, the prosecutor said on Monday. And he added that on the same day an application for pre-trial detention for the suspect would be submitted to the court.

A brutally beaten teen is in the hospital

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The District Prosecutor in Szczytno, Artur Bekulard, said, even before the charges were brought, that the beating was very brutal. For the sake of the victim, he did not want to talk about details.


“The girl suffered massive, extensive craniofacial injuries and was transported to the hospital,” he said. Bekulard emphasized that the modus operandi was shocking. – Brutal beatings happen between men, in pathological environments, but here we are dealing with young people from normal environments. The man is a student. It is rare for a boy to beat a girl so brutally. After his detention, the biological material was secured for toxicological tests in terms of psychoactive substances, the prosecutor said.

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