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Szestno. The 73-year-old went mushroom picking and got lost in the woods. They found him after two days

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The family reported missing a 73-year-old who had gone to the forest to pick mushrooms the day before and had not returned. After a few hours of searching the forest, Olsztyn policemen found an exhausted man in the ravine. – He was lying on the ground and was unable to get out of the forest on his own – officers inform.

Police officers from Mrągowo received a report on the disappearance of a man on Saturday evening. The 73-year-old left his home in Szestno (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship) the day before and did not come back. He also did not contact his family.

– First of all, the policemen carefully questioned the people who had had direct contact with the missing person for the last time. They determined, among other things, where he was that day, what he was doing, who he could contact, what plans he might have. The information obtained showed that the man could go mushroom picking in the forest, the District Police Headquarters in Mrągowo reported.

The next day, policemen from Mrągowo, along with officers from the Prevention Department of the Police in Olsztyn, the family of a 73-year-old and volunteer firefighters from Szestno searched the nearby area and the vicinity of Kiersztanów and Gązwa.

Search for a 73-year-old manWarmia and Mazury Police

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“He was lying on the ground, he was unable to get out of the forest”

The situation was getting more and more serious because two days had passed since the man disappeared. After several hours of searching the forest, Olsztyn policemen found the 73-year-old in a ravine. He was alive but exhausted.

– The 73-year-old was lying on the ground and was unable to get out of the forest on his own. He had a problem with constructing a logical statement, he was not aware of where he was and why. Four policemen of the OPP gave him premedical first aid, calmed him down, took care of his comfort and notified the medical services – the officers describe.

The ambulance, due to the difficult terrain, was unable to enter the forest. So the man on a stretcher was moved to the nearest buildings.

– They have already been handed over to medics there. In the doctor’s opinion, the dehydrated 73-year-old was in a life-threatening condition, which is why he was taken to hospital – add police from Mrągowo.

Police officers found a 73-year-old who got lost in the woodsWarińsko-Mazurska Police


A forest is a living organism that changes by itself, not only due to human activity. Places we knew inside out a few years ago may look completely different after many years. Therefore, when going to the forest, let’s take care of our safety. Let’s take a charged phone, warm clothes and a flashlight with us so that in the event of getting lost in the forest, we can effectively call and receive help. Let’s not go to the forest alone and let our loved ones know about our plans!

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Main photo source: Warińsko-Mazurska Police

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