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Szlachtowa: The balloon caught on trees, the pilot fell out of the basket

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In the Pieniny Mountains, a balloon caught on trees during an emergency landing. His pilot fell out of the basket. She was taken to the hospital. We received information about the event on Kontakt24.

The accident happened on Saturday after 9 o’clock in the area of ​​Sielska in Szlachtowa. The balloon had an emergency landing as a result of a sudden break in the weather.

“She tried to land from Nowy Targ”

– There was a strong wind, the pilot tried to land from Nowy Targ – says Tomasz Zachwieja from the Szczawnica Section of the Podhalańska GOPR Group. As he emphasizes, it was a good decision, because if the balloon flew further, it could have even more problems with landing.

Unfortunately, the balloon caught trees during the maneuver. At the grounding itself, the pilot fell out of the basket and it hit her. The firefighters, the GOPR Podhale Group, the police and the ambulance intervened on the spot.

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Ambulance intervened on the spotGP GOPR Section Szczawnica

The basket hit the pilot

The injured pilot was transported to an ambulance. – The woman complained of back pain – said Tomasz Zachwieja.

The rest of the people left the basket on their own. They did not require any help with rope techniques. “They did not require medical assistance, they were evacuated to the car” – inform GOPR rescuers.

The rescuers of the GP GOPR went thereGP GOPR Section Szczawnica

We received a recording of the balloon flight at an earlier stage on the Kontakt24 mailbox. According to its author, the film shows a view from the town of Grywałd.

Main photo source: GP GOPR Section Szczawnica

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