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Sztabin. A 15-year-old girl was walking to school when she died on a pedestrian crossing. An arrest warrant has been issued for the driver, there is an indictment

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The prosecutor’s office filed an indictment against a 55-year-old Belarusian man, who, according to investigators, caused a fatal accident on a pedestrian crossing in Sztabin (Podlaskie Voivodeship). A teenage girl was killed as she was walking to the bus stop to go to school. The man is probably abroad, an arrest warrant has been sent for him.

The accident took place in October last year in Sztabin in the Augustów district.

As reported by the Podlasie police at the time, at the pedestrian crossing near the primary school at Augustowska Street a 15-year-old girl died. She was hit by a citizen driving a truck Belarus.

A 15-year-old girl died on a pedestrian crossing KPP Augustow

Investigator: The teenager entered the crossing in the correct way

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– Initial examination showed that the driver was sober – said in October sub-inspector Tomasz Krupa, spokesman for the Podlaskie police.

According to the findings of the investigation by the Augustów district prosecutor’s office, the 15-year-old was going to the bus stop, from where she wanted to go to school in Augustów. She was hit by a truck with a tanker semi-trailer.

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As a result of the hit, the girl suffered severe head injuries. She died on the spot. Investigators determined that the teenager entered the crossing from the right side of the vehicle and did so correctly, previously standing on the side of the road. She was hit by the left front of the truck.

Prosecutor’s office: he was driving at the speed limit, he did not exercise due care

The driver was a 55-year-old Belarusian employed in a Lithuanian transport company. He was found to be driving at the speed limit. The prosecutor’s office accused him of not taking due care when approaching a marked pedestrian crossing and not stopping in front of the pedestrian crossing to let the 15-year-old girl pass.


According to the announcement of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Suwałki, after charging him with charges, the prosecutor’s office asked the 55-year-old for arrest, but the court did not accept the request. The driver was then released, but the court of second instance accepted the prosecutor’s complaint and arrested the man.

However, the driver was unable to stop until the end of the investigation. He’s probably abroad. A warrant was sent for him. The trial itself can take place without his appearance.

For causing traffic accident is punishable by up to eight years in prison.

Main photo source: KPP Augustow

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