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Szydlowo, Duchnow. Police arrested two drunk drivers over the weekend who were carrying children

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In Szydłów near Mława and in Duchnów near Otwock (Mazowieckie Voivodeship), the police detained two drunk drivers. The first of them exceeded the speed limit, the second hit a roadside pole. Both had children in their cars.

Last weekend, a patrol supervising traffic on Mazowiecka Street in Szydłów noticed a Renault driver who exceeded the speed limit in built-up areas by 22 kilometers per hour. He was arrested for inspection.

– It turned out that a 38-year-old resident of the Mława district was sitting behind the wheel of the car. The man had alcohol in his system. In the car, he carried two children aged three and five, Anna Pawłowska, a spokeswoman for the police in Mława, said. And she added: – As he stated in an interview with the police, he drank alcohol until midnight, and in the morning he drank 100 ml of vodka and went to visit his daughters, whom he took to their grandparents. The car was towed to the police parking lot. The children were handed over to their mother.

The police officer concluded that the detained man could face a large fine and a prison sentence of up to two years. The intervening patrol stopped the driver’s license. The family court will also be notified of the situation.

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He hit a pole, he was carrying a three-year-old daughter in the car

A similar situation happened last Saturday in Duchnów. After 4 p.m., the duty officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Otwock received a report on a road incident. The information showed that the driver of the Hyundai car hit a roadside pole. The uniformed officer directed the Highway Patrol to the spot.

– During the course of their activities, the police determined that the driver of the Hyundai, a 41-year-old resident of the Wiązowna commune, for unknown reasons drove to the right side of the road and then hit a telecommunications pole. Fortunately, there were no injured people. This is important because the irresponsible man was carrying his three-year-old daughter in the car, informed Paulina Harabin, the press officer of the Otwock police. As she added, “it was obvious at first glance that the driver was drunk.” A breathalyzer test conducted by the officers showed that he had nearly two times the legal limit of alcohol in his system. The man was arrested. The uniforms also took care of the child, which they handed over to another family member.

– Soon the 41-year-old will be explaining himself to the court for his extremely irresponsible behavior. He will be responsible for driving while intoxicated, exposing his daughter to the danger of loss of life and health, as well as for causing a road collision, Harabin pointed out.

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Main photo source: Police

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