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Szymon Hołownia introduced the mysterious guest at the Congress of the Poland 2050 movement

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At the first congress of the Polska 2050 movement in Warsaw, Szymon Hołownia introduced a special guest who, he said, “will change Polish politics”. This is the political application of “Jasmine”.

During the Polska 2050 congress, the speaker was, among others, its leader Szymon Hołownia. He introduced the previously announced special guest who, he said, “will change Polish politics”. The leader of Poland 2050 announced that this is the first Polish political application of “Jaśmina”. – I already have it on my phone. I hope you will also soon, he said to the assembled.

As Hołownia said, the application “will give the opportunity to vote on matters important for Poland, and in a moment it will inform about events taking place in the area, about what is worth doing today”. – She will give advice, she will try to be as close to you as possible so that, taking advantage of the fact that we are a digital society, we can build the best, most democratic and communicating Republic of Poland – he added.


The first test for “Jaśmina” is to be the voting of all Polish members by 2050, which is to last until Sunday 6 pm. It will concern the Sunday trading ban. All members of Poland by 2050 will use “Jaśmina” to decide whether the act on the Sunday trading ban should be tightened or liberalized. – What the members and members decide will be part of the official Polish 2050 program – announced Hołownia.

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Hołownia about the first vote using the Jaśmina applicationTVN24

Hołownia: We are brazenly stealing democracy before our eyes

Hołownia came on stage only more than an hour after the start of the event, after the speeches of the party leader Michał Koboski and other activists of Poland 2050.

He said that at one point he began to wonder what he could do to leave “better Poland” to his daughter’s generation. – What does better Poland mean? (…) It is a green democracy. It’s more space on earth for everyone. It is solidarity – one supporting the other – he said. He added that instead “we have a state of emergency at the borders and a state of war between us”.

– I felt that we were all stuck in some heart of darkness, that we were brazenly stealing democracy in front of our eyes, we were being pimped on one another for our own money, appropriated for the state and given away to friends, brothers-in-law, partners. Let’s do something about it, he said.

Hołownia: we have created a true nucleus of brightnessorganizer photos

They disrupted the speech of Hołownia

At one point, three young people entered the stage. Two of them were holding banners “Poland without coal 2030” with the Greenpeace logo. Hołownia noticed them at some point.

– The postulate to abandon coal is one of the most important in our program. If you show me a method how to get to Poland without coal after 20 or 30 years of delays, so that during these 9 years, until 2030, no social revolution, no social unrest, and no blood is shed on the streets, I will gladly buy your project – said Hołownia.

– We show a perspective that is possible to do. I have no doubts that Poland should move away from coal as soon as possible, I hope it will be done by 2035 – said the leader of Poland in 2050. After a while, the security guards led three young people out of the scene.

Greenpeace activists took the stage during the Polish 2050 Congress. Szymon Hołownia spoke with themOrganizer photos

Hołownia: it is not enough to remove PiS from power

– Over the last year, we have done titanic work (…) We did not wait, like other parties, for elections to be made, to start writing promises three months before them, or to start a compulsive tour of Poland in the light of cameras. We are not guided by the results of polls when making difficult program decisions. We simply rolled up our sleeves and this year we have done more for the Republic of Poland than many parties in the 20 years of its operation for two, three or more terms. We are not afraid of work – he said.

The leader of Poland in 2050 stressed that “it is not enough to remove PiS from power”. – The next day, from 7 am, you have to start treating Poland – he added. – Today you can say a lot about Poland, but not that it is green or democratic – he said.

– We are substantially prepared to rule the party in the history of Poland – argued Hołownia, telling about the fact that dozens of movement experts prepared thousands of pages of recovery programs. – If I were to shorten our great program to two words, they would be very simple again – green democracy. We in Poland 2050 say, when they ask us who we are, we are just that – green democrats who are so badly needed on the Polish political scene – he emphasized.

Hołownia: we are not guided by the results of polls when making program decisionsorganizer photos

Hołownia: we will restore the rule of law in Poland

The politician presented the main assumptions of his formation program. – I promise that we will do everything to make all orphanages disappear by 2030 – announced Hołownia. – Poland should and can be a country without orphanages – he added.

– We will restore the rule of law in Poland – announced the leader of Poland 2050. – We have developed two possible directions of healing this pathology that we currently have. First of all – to abolish the Constitutional Tribunal completely and give ordinary judges of common, administrative and military courts the possibility of referring directly to the constitution, he said.

– However, if this turns out to be more realistic, we also have a different path – a reform of the method of electing judges to the Constitutional Tribunal by the Sejm and other bodies, so as to restore the actual, not fictitious, constitutional control of the law in force in Poland – he added.

Hołownia announces the liquidation of the Church Fund

The leader of Poland 2050 devoted a separate part of his speech to matters relating to faith and the Church. – First, we will liquidate the Church Fund. We will replace it with a voluntary tax write-off – he said. – Each of you will be able to decide which church, which community close to your heart you want to support. We will return your subjectivity – he emphasized.

– Secondly, we will appoint a special minister at the prime minister who will ensure the true separation of the state and the Church, the guardian of normality in this matter, emphasized Hołownia.

– Thirdly: during the first 100 days after taking power, a special team of prosecutors of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office will be created to conduct and supervise investigations into cases of pedophilia among clergymen, Hołownia enumerated. Fourth: we will allow school communities – parents, students and teachers – to decide on the form and number of hours of religion in their school, he continued.

Poland 2050 leader of the movement: we will enable people from the age of 16 to vote

Among other postulates of the movement, the politician mentioned the fight against nepotism in state-owned companies. – We will introduce a ban on working in State Treasury companies for deputies, senators, ministers, deputy ministers and their children, spouses, parents and other relatives – he announced. – This ban will last during their work in the government and the Sejm, but it will also last a year after they hand over their mandate or office – he added.

Hołownia also spoke about the political maturity of young people who take part in demonstrations concerning climate and education, among others. – They should not only appeal to politicians today, they should be able to choose these politicians today – he argued. – In order for the elections to be truly universal, after removing PiS from power, we will allow people from the age of 16 to vote – the politician announced.

Szymon HołowniaRadek Pietruszka / PAP

Other elements of the “green democracy” of Poland by 2050 include a personal doctor for anyone who will refer to a free general health balance. A personal doctor is to be available not only in the office, but by an application or by phone, because “we are in 2021, not 1921, as some believe.” Poland 2050 also proposes to reimburse the costs of a visit to a private doctor if it is not possible to visit a public doctor quickly.

Hołownia announced radical changes in anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination regulations, so that everyone could easily claim their rights. He declared simple taxes and the introduction of key tax changes always by the end of June of the previous year. – We will strive to minimize these changes, he said.

Moreover, he added, the jointly introduced law will be respected by everyone, and the state will pay PLN 200 for each day of delay in considering the case. It cannot be so, said Hołownia, that a citizen pays a penalty for each day of delay, and the state may delay its decisions with impunity.

“Let’s get to know each other” campaign

The congress was also planned as a summary of the summer campaign “Let’s get to know each other”, in which parliamentarians, activists and volunteers of the movement consulted the program with which Szymon Hołownia’s Poland 2050 will go to the next elections.

– During the summer holidays, we had over 200 meetings with Poles as part of the “Let’s get to know each other” campaign, they gave us a lot of knowledge about what Poles expect today. I am very happy with all these meetings, because there are tens of thousands of people who have become acquainted with our offer physically and are now starting to enroll in the association en masse – said the politician earlier in an interview with the Polish Press Agency.

Main photo source: TVN24

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