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Table Mountains National Park. Fire on the ridge of Radków Prog

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On Sunday, firefighters extinguished a small fire that broke out in the Table Mountains National Park in Lower Silesia. The fire spread to the forest floor on a rock shelf. It did not spread further thanks to the quick fire extinguishing action carried out by a helicopter.

Brigadier Andrzej Holak, from the position of the provincial commander of the State Fire Service in Wrocław, informed that on Sunday at noon there was a fire on a rock shelf in Karłów within the Table Mountains in Lower Silesia. The report came in around 1:30 p.m.

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Fire in the Table Mountains National ParkTomasz Mazur, Table Mountains National Park

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– The small fire was extinguished by the discharge of water from the helicopter, and then firefighters, using mountaineering equipment, lowered themselves to this ledge and extinguished the fire – said the firefighter.

According to the authorities of the national park, smoke was visible from the Radków commune, where the park is partly located. A drone was used to locate the source of the fire.

National park: irresponsible behavior. Appeal

The use of the State Forests helicopter was necessary because – as firefighters from the Radków Volunteer Fire Department wrote – “the fire appeared in a hard-to-reach place on a rock shelf, which made it impossible to reach directly to the fire site.” Rescuers added that the operations lasted a total of over eight hours. The Regional Directorate of State Forests in Wrocław said in a statement that the fire most likely covered several ares.

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The recording of the helicopter flying over the trees was shared on social media by employees of the State Forests.

Fire in the Table Mountains National ParkTomasz Mazur, Table Mountains National Park

The authorities of the Table Mountains National Park emphasized in a statement that the fire was caused by “irresponsible behavior”, probably of a tourist.

“We appeal to witnesses of illegal bonfires or dangerous games with fire on the PNGS premises to report such events to the Services as soon as possible,” wrote park employees.

Main photo source: Tomasz Mazur, Table Mountains National Park

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