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Table Mountains National Park. Toilet bowls abandoned in the forest are looking for the culprit

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Employees of the Stołowe Mountains National Park discovered three ceramic toilet bowls in the forest. Now they are looking for the person who littered the forest. The perpetrators may face a fine of up to five thousand zlotys.

The used toilets are placed among the trees on the green trail, with several roads close by. Sometimes park rangers find old car parts or municipal waste. But they hadn’t seen toilet bowls in the woods before.

– Our employees discovered this work of art by accident as they moved around the park. It was so spectacular that we decided to post on Facebook. We decided not to stigmatize the perpetrator, but rather approach the matter with a grain of salt. I think that it is easier to find such a person than by threatening him with paragraphs – emphasizes Bartłomiej Jakubowski, director of the Table Mountains National Park.

Search for the perpetrator

Jakubowski admits that littering the park by tourists and local residents is less and less, and the culture is growing in this respect. The problem – as you can see in the attached picture – still exists.

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– This is not typical municipal garbage, evidently we are dealing with the deliberate abandonment of post-renovation substances. Due to the number of toilets, we believe that they do not come from home, but rather from a tourist service facility, which necessarily has more toilets, says the director of PNGS.


The park ranger commander is currently reviewing recordings from camera traps set up in the forest, hoping that one of them has captured, for example, the perpetrator’s car. If it is possible to establish his personal data, the case will probably – as the park director says – be brought to court. The maximum possible penalty is a fine of five thousand zlotys.

– We have information that the shells have already disappeared from the park. They were collected by a resident of nearby Łęże, who decided that they could be of use to her – informs Jakubowski.

Main photo source: Table Mountains National Park

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