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Tadeusz Rydzyk caused controversy by explaining why there is a war in Ukraine

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Most of Tadeusz Rydzyk’s opinions are better left unsaid, but the thesis that there is a war in Ukraine because people do not believe in God there is untrue, nonsense and harmful. This is said by a man who is uncritically supported and rewarded by the authorities.

Everyone knows what is happening in Ukraine. Not everyone understands – why. On Sunday, Tadeusz Rydzyk explained it like this. – In Ukraine, or in other parts of the world, there is a war because these people do not believe in God, because these people without God are heading towards Satan – explained Tadeusz Rydzyk. These words were addressed to the children who came on a pilgrimage to Jasna Góra. – Using religion to build hatred – both for Ukrainians and other refugees – is simply disgusting and unethical – emphasizes Janina Ochojska, founder of the Polish Humanitarian Action.

The United Right reacts differently to Rydzyk. – Of course, the concern of all clergy is to promote the faith – assures Michał Woś, Deputy Minister of Justice from Sovereign Poland. He also admits that he did not hear Tadeusz Rydzyk’s words. The concern of the Toruń clergyman – apart from propagating faith – is something else. – For eight years he has been receiving hundreds of millions of zlotys for his businesses and with such statements, I have the impression, he is only trying to create the appearance that he is still a clergyman at all – says Arkadiusz Myrcha, PO MP.

A storm after Father Rydzyk’s words about the condemned bishopTVN24

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A government magnate

No one tries to create the appearance that Tadeusz Rydzyk is not connected with the authorities. – The ministers and the prime minister are racing to see who will give Rydzyk more, who will pay him more, so that later there will be a media turn in the election campaign – says Hanna Gill-Piątek, an independent MP. It’s not just the opposition who don’t like it. The Church should be free from politics – this is what the Congress of Catholic Women and Catholics wants in its action. Tadeusz Rydzyk is for them the best proof of how much the reform of the Church and a truly secular state are needed. The church is hostage to all this. The Church pays the price for it, believers pay the price for it, people leave the Church, young people are fed up with the Church, which is up to the armpits, up to the bow, entangled in politics – argues Father Paweł Gużyński, a Dominican.

The Civic Coalition announces that it will audit Tadeusz Rydzyk after winning the elections. – Check all ministries, all funds, all companies. Contract after contract, verification, a special team of prosecutors of the independent prosecutor’s office, which will seek the return of the money that was unjustly paid – lists Krzysztof Brejza, PO MP.

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