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“Tadeusz Rydzyk’s other face, apart from money, is also hypocrisy”

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Tadeusz Rydzyk criticizes the European Union, which imposes conditions on Poland that it must meet in order to receive EU funds due to us – but also all those who are waiting for these funds. Meanwhile, entities associated with Rydzyk have not only been accepting EU money for years, but also receive more from the state to promote European Union funds.

– They didn’t kill us with rifles, they didn’t kill us with camps, it’s “ojro” – such bitter words flowed at Jasna Góra from the lips of Father Tadeusz Rydzyk himself. The priest argues that Polish sovereignty is sold for – most likely – German euros. – In Poland, there are also those who necessarily use the euro. They are such sellers. There is no honor, there is no dignity – added Tadeusz Rydzyk. The director himself is a supporter of adopting the euro in any amount.

– The second face of Tadeusz Rydzyk, apart from money, is also hypocrisy – notes Monika Rosa, an MP from the Civic Coalition. For example, by the famous geothermal energy plant in Toruń, there was a plaque not long ago, on which it was possible to read how much funds for its construction were transferred from the EU budget.

According to the journalists of the Konkret24 portal, the foundation led by Tadeusz Rydzyk received over PLN 42 million from EU programs for its construction. The institutions led by Rydzyk – though probably with distaste – drew handfuls of the EU euro.

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– Director Rydzyk is undoubtedly an outstanding expert on the use of the euro, collecting the euro, obtaining subsidies. Who like who, but Rydzyk knows what he’s talking about, says Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, a member of the Left, sarcastically. Almost PLN 20 million, which the University of Social and Media Culture received in recent years, came from the “knowledge, education, development operational program”, which was almost fully financed by the Union. – Don’t rob yourself, just think about others. This is the ethics – assured Tadeusz Rydzyk. Ethical dilemmas did not seem to be faced by the father director, when Telewizja Czasm, which he managed, also reached for euros converted into zlotys.

– I understand that in that case, Father Rydzyk will now pay the funds that his foundations have previously accepted in euros for some pious cause. And he himself will go on a penitential pilgrimage – comments Adrian Zandberg, member of the Razem party.

Questions about the sword for father RydzykTVN24

Double morality?

The journalists of the Konkret24 portal reserve that these are only the amounts that were quickly verified. – Morawiecki and the PiS government do not want Poles to receive huge amounts of money from KPO, so that Poland could develop faster, but Rydzyk took millions of euros for his various businesses – notes Dariusz Joński, an MP from the Civic Coalition.

However, the ruling party has a different position. – Let’s not judge. Not “he”, but “Father Rydzyk” above all. And let’s not judge anyone, let’s just look at these sellouts who are ready to take over power, because they are fighting for everything today, because Poles have never believed them. They cheated Poles at every step – alarms Marlena Maląg, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy. The minister listened to the words about “sellers for euros” from the first rows of a special government box at Jasna Góra. – On the one hand, they take the wheelbarrow, and on the other hand, they say that the wheelbarrow is bad, because the wheelbarrow is paid for in euros and is coming from Berlin – assesses Tomasz Trela, a member of the Left.

– The European Union is already waiting to absorb us. This German European Union. After all, it is German – Tadeusz Rydzyk threatened. Archbishop Jędraszewski, deputy chairman of the Polish Episcopal Conference, also criticized the German and, moreover, the European Union, which suffocated our freedom and sovereignty. – Today, the Catholic Church, after state institutions, is the second beneficiary of Poland’s presence in the European Union. He receives subsidies of various kinds – notes Robert Biedroń, MEP of the Left. The Catholic Church in Poland receives on average PLN 15 million a year from EU subsidies to agricultural land alone. In addition, there are funds for the renovation of historic sacral buildings and financial support for numerous Catholic institutions.

Main photo source: Facts after noon TVN24

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