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Taiwan. A hungry monkey jumped on a woman with a child

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Located in Taiwan, Shoushan Mountain is famous for its monkeys. These animals can be very bold, as one woman found out when a hungry macaque jumped on her. The entire incident was recorded by a camera.

Shoushan, also commonly known as Monkey Mountain, is located in the Gushan District in Taiwan. Taiwanese macaques live there, in large numbers. Monkeys often walk next to tourists visiting the mountain. They can be brash and intrusive, as one woman with a child found out.

The monkey jumped on the woman to peel her ice cream

The camera recorded how the macaque jumped on the woman. She was carrying a child who was holding an ice cream cone in her hands. The screams did not deter the intrusive macaque. Fortunately, the woman threw the ice cream on the ground, successfully distracting the monkey, who quickly satisfied his hunger with a cold snack.

The monkey wanted to take the ice cream from the womanENEX

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Taiwan macaque (Macaca cyclopis) is found in the eastern mountains of Taiwan. This species belongs to the monkey family (Cercopithecidae). It is estimated that more than 1,500 monkeys live on Mount Shoushan today.

Main photo source: ENEX

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