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Taiwan – China. 31 Chinese military aircraft and four ships active in the vicinity of Taiwan, the defense ministry said

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Taiwan’s defense ministry said China had sent 31 military aircraft and four warships to operations in the area in the past 24 hours. Missile defense systems have been activated.

Of the 31 aircraft of Chinese military aircraft that operated in the vicinity Taiwan12 breached the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) and crossed the median of the Taiwan Strait – an unofficial buffer zone between the two sides.

Chinese warshipXINHUA/EPA/PAP

As highlighted in a statement by the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense, in response to the violations, the Taiwanese side sent its own combat aircraft (CAP) and warships to monitor the situation. Missile defense systems have been activated.

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Daily violations of the Taiwan identification zone

The Chinese military regularly violates the Taiwan Identification Zone, in January such violations occurred daily – violations of the Taiwan Strait median are also becoming more frequent. The record breach occurred last month when 71 Chinese military machines were operating near Taiwan and 47 breached the median line.

Only the Taiwan Strait separates Taiwan from China

This week, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu warned in an interview with Sky News that… invasion China to Taiwan is now more likely, with a possible date of 2027, when the leader of the PRC Xi Jinping he will seek to extend his rule and may invade the island to leave a lasting legacy.

Main photo source: XINHUA/EPA/PAP

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