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Taiwan. Coronavirus vaccines from Poland. The Taiwanese authorities thank Poland for its help

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Poland has provided Taiwan with 400,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The delivery with preparations reached the country on Sunday. “We are touched by this generous gesture and express our sincere thanks to the government and the citizens of this European country,” Taiwan’s foreign ministry wrote on social media.

Faced with the shortage of vaccines and the threat of new variants of the coronavirus, the Polish government has donated 400,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines to Taiwan. Poland has thus become the third largest vaccine donor to Taiwan, after Japan and the USA.


In Taiwan, members of the government, politicians and citizens enthusiastically welcomed the news of Poland donating vaccines, thanking them for their gesture. In Taipei, on the tallest skyscraper in the country, Taipei 101, the following words were displayed in the evening: “Thank you Poland”, “Friendship despite distance” and “Unbreakable friendship”. Official government accounts on social media published posts and graphics thanking them for their help. These posts were widely shared and commented on by the citizens of the country.

“Cooperation and solidarity will defeat the pandemic”

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“400,000 COVID-19 vaccines donated by Poland landed in Taiwan. We are touched by this generous gesture and sincerely thank the government and citizens of this European country. Cooperation and solidarity will defeat the pandemic. Yes! Poland can help (#PolandCanHelp)” – you can read, among others on Twitter of the Taiwanese foreign ministry.

“Your help reflects the democratic solidarity shared by our states and nations in the face of common challenges,” President Caj Ing-wen wrote on Twitter.

This is just one of many similar entries. Among those who expressed their gratitude were also representatives of the government and the ruling party, incl. Vice President William Lai Ching-te, Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang, as well as ministers and parliamentarians. Health Minister Chen Shih-chung, during a press conference, during which he presented the pandemic situation in the country, appeared in a mask with the Polish flag and expressed his gratitude for the donation.

Vaccines for Taiwan

A total of nearly 6 million vaccines donated by Japan, the US, Lithuania and the Czech Republic have arrived in Taiwan so far. Slovakia has also confirmed the willingness to donate preparations. Vaccines from Poland are the third largest donation Taiwan has received from abroad. Japan donated over 3 million doses to Taiwan, the USA – 2.5 million, the Czech Republic – 30 thousand, and Lithuania – 20 thousand. It is also planned to deliver the third batch of vaccines from Japan and 10,000 doses from Slovakia.

Taiwanese thank Poland for the supply of vaccines PAP / EPA / TAIWAN CDC

Taiwanese thank Poland for the supply of vaccines TAIWAN CDC

Vaccine shortage is one of the most pressing problems of Taiwan’s 24 million inhabitants. To date, only 14 million doses of COVID-19 preparations have reached Taiwan, more than 10 million people have been vaccinated with the first dose and just a million with two doses. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 16,019 cases of coronavirus infections have been confirmed in the country, of which over 14,000 are local cases. 837 people died.

Main photo source: TAIWAN CDC

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