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Taiwan. Earthquake felt in Hualian and Yilan cities

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An earthquake struck eastern Taiwan on Sunday morning, local time. The quakes had a magnitude of 5.7, reported the European Mediterranean Seismology Center.

The quake epicenter was 31 kilometers from the port city of Hualian. The earth shook at a depth of 45 km.

The European Mediterranean Seismology Center (EMSC) initially estimated the quakes at 5, only later announced that it was a magnitude 5.7 quake. According to the local geological survey, the magnitude did not exceed 5.

The quake was felt in Hualian as well as in the city of Yilan on the east coast. There is no information about the victims or more serious material losses. There was also no tsunami warning.

Taiwan earthquakes

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This is another of the earthquakes that hit Taiwan this year. On April 18, there were two earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.8 and 6.2, occurring several minutes apart. The quake epicenter was also south of the city of Hualian.

Taiwan is located near the junction of two tectonic plates and therefore earthquakes are not uncommon in this island country. In September 1999, the earthquake of magnitude 7.3 claimed more than 2,400 deaths there. In 2018, 17 people were killed in the Hualian quake with magnitude 6.4.

Pacific ring of fireMaciej Zieliński / PAP / Reuters

Main photo source: USGS

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