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Taiwan. The death toll from Wednesday's earthquake is rising

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The death toll from the earthquake that hit Taiwan on Wednesday has increased. According to local authorities, at least 13 people are dead and over 400 are still trapped in places cut off from the rest of the world. As a Polish woman living in this country told TVN24, living in the shadow of possible shocks is an everyday occurrence for the island's inhabitants, and the Taiwanese are well prepared for the danger.

The earthquake occurred on Wednesday morning local time. The epicenter of the 7.4-magnitude phenomenon was near Hualian Province on the eastern coast of Taiwan. It was the strongest quake to hit the country in 25 years.

Taiwan's National Fire Authority (NFA) said on Saturday that the death toll from the quake has risen to at least 13. previously we reported 12 deaths. 1,145 people were injured and 405 remain trapped in isolated towns and in the Taroko National Park region. Additionally, searches for six missing people and evacuation operations are underway, and blocked roads are being cleared.

Prepared for danger

As Ms. Zuzanna Tomczuk, a Pole living in Taiwan, said on TVN24, the situation in Hualien is still complicated and the residents are still feeling aftershocks. In Taipei, where he is currently staying, in the first hours after the earthquake, subway services were interrupted and school classes were canceled, but now the effects of the quake are practically unnoticeable. Due to its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire, the island is very well prepared for earthquakes.

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– The earthquake was huge, but very few buildings collapsed – she explained in the “Wstańsz i weekend” program. – This is due to the organization and the way residential buildings and workplaces are constructed.

Appropriate preparation of residents is also a very important issue. From an early age, children living in countries with high seismic activity learn how to properly behave in the event of an earthquake.

– The first thing is definitely to get under the table – said Mrs. Zuzanna. – When you hang out with the Taiwanese, when they feel even slight shocks, they usually immediately go under the table, they already have it encoded in their heads. (…) Due to the fact that people react to it very quickly, in the event of such a large earthquake as we had now, they were also prepared for it.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/DANIEL CENG

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