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Talty Lake. A seven-year-old boy was riding a jet ski alone. Father just wanted to “teach his son”

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A 46-year-old from Białystok, on Lake Tałty, put his seven-year-old son on a jet ski and let him ride it on his own. After a signal from witnesses, police watermen intervened.

Sunday after 13 police water sportsmen received a report that an approximately five-year-old child was sailing on a jet ski on Lake Tałty without the supervision of an adult.

“They sailed to the indicated place, where they actually found a child who was sailing alone on a jet ski. The boy is seven years old, fortunately he was wearing a life jacket. During the intervention, the child’s 46-year-old father arrived at the police station. A resident of Białystok explained that he wanted “only teach” his son to move on a jet ski and he did not know that a seven-year-old could not ride it himself, the Warmian-Masurian police inform in a message

How to stay safe by the waterPAP

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The policemen prepared documentation from the intervention carried out, which will be forwarded to the locally competent family court, which will collect an interview about the family.

The father is threatened with a fine

“The boy’s father is threatened with punishment, because his reckless behavior can be classified as an offense under Article 105 § 1 of the Code of Petty Offenses. According to this provision, anyone who, by gross violation of the obligations arising from parental authority, allows a minor to commit an act prohibited by the Act as a crime or misdemeanor, indicating the demoralization of a minor, is punishable by a fine or a reprimand. – “In accordance with Article 70 of the Code of Petty Offences, anyone who, being incapable of performing an activity whose improper performance may cause a threat to human life or health, undertakes such an activity or who entrusts it to a person who is unable to perform it or allows it to be performed contrary to the obligation of supervision such activity by an incapable person shall be punishable by arrest or a fine

Permissions from the age of 14

In order to be able to sail on a jet ski in accordance with the regulations, it is necessary to have a license, i.e. a motorboat helmsman license. They can be obtained from the age of 14, it is necessary to pass the exam

How to be safe on the watertvn24.pl

“Jet skis can develop high speeds. Falling and hitting the water is comparable to falling on concrete, so it is not much different, for example, from falling on a motorcycle. When using a jet ski, remember about both the ignition cut-off cord and the life jacket “- remind the policemen.

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Main photo source: Warmian-Masurian Police

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