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Targówek. “Maybe I drank a little,” she didn't mention cocaine

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She got behind the wheel after taking cocaine and drinking alcohol. After her arrest, she was aggressive, which resulted in further charges. The 38-year-old faces up to five years in prison.

On Tuesday, a few minutes after 11 p.m., the police intelligence and patrol crew from Targówek received information about a woman who was allegedly driving a car under the influence of drugs.

– They noticed the car at the bus stop at Rondo Starzyńskiego. Two women stood by him. The 38-year-old admitted that she was driving a BMW and that “maybe she drank a little alcohol.” The breathalyzer test performed by the police showed that she had 1.5 per mille of alcohol in her exhaled air – says in a press release comm. Paulina Onyszko from the North Prague police.

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Outburst of aggression

They put the 38-year-old woman in a police car and called the capital's traffic police crew. According to the police, the woman suddenly became aggressive, started screaming, hitting the window with her hands and kicking the door, destroying it. She did not respond to any commands. The police overpowered her and put her in handcuffs.

The traffic police conducted a drug test. – It showed that the 38-year-old was under the influence of cocaine. Police officers from the investigation team arrived at the scene to inspect the BMW. During the inspection, the police found a brass knuckles in the woman's purse, which they secured, adds police officer Paulina Onyszko.

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The charges and the threat of five years in prison

At the hospital, the 38-year-old's blood was taken for testing for alcohol and drug content. She was taken to the police detention center at the police station on Jagiellońska Street. She was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, violating the bodily integrity of a police officer and destroying a police car.

She faces a penalty of up to five years in prison. In addition, there may be a penalty for brass knuckles. Illegal possession of this item is punishable by a fine, restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to one year.

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