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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Tarnow. Charges for a man suspected of murdering his son and wounding his wife

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A seven-year-old boy is dead and his father and mother are stabbed and in hospital. There, the 27-year-old heard the accusations. He will be responsible for the murder of his son and the attempted murder of his wife. He is facing life imprisonment.

The police were called to a block on Krakowska Street in Tarnów on Tuesday morning. The reports concerned a domestic row. On the spot, the policemen found Dymitr T. sitting in front of the block of flats, and Anastazja T., who was staying in the neighbors’ apartment. They both had cuts and stab wounds, and were taken to the hospital. The wounded boy was also found in the apartment on the third floor, despite the efforts of the rescuers, it was not possible to save him. A woman, a man and a boy are citizens of Ukraine.

It was carried out baby section – stab wounds to the back were found to be the cause of death; in turn, on the body of Anastasia T.’s mother, cuts and stab wounds were found. Currently, both the 27-year-old and his wife are in hospital. The doctor allowed the man to be interviewed, but within the facility.

– That is why the prosecutor went to the hospital and presented him with two charges there – said Mieczysław Sienicki, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Tarnów. – The first is about killing a son, and the second is attempting to kill his wife and injuring her, resulting in organ damage for more than seven days, i.e. an attempted murder with bodily injury – he explained.


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Arrest for a murder suspect

The prosecutor’s office is likely to apply to the court to remand the man in custody. Then the issue of psychiatric examinations as to the sanity of the 27-year-old will be resolved, because – as prosecutor Sienicki emphasized – the circumstances of the incident “raise great doubts as to the mental state of the perpetrator”.

In addition, it is also planned to interview the injured woman again, but it will only be possible when her health improves and will be carried out with the participation of an interpreter.

Investigators found that the woman’s 27-year-old husband and the boy’s father had been living and working legally in Poland for several years, where he was employed as a cook. In May this year, his wife and son came to him. The mother looked after the boy as he had problems with moving around.

A tragedy in a block of flats in TarnówTVN24

She covered her son with her own body

According to the information provided by the prosecutor’s office, so far there have been no signals that anything bad is happening in this family.

The initial account of Anastasia T. has recently noticed her husband’s rather strange behavior, and on the critical day, when she was still lying in bed with the baby, the man first cuddled up to them, and then attacked them with a knife. The woman covered her son with her body and then ran out of the apartment, calling for help.

The neighbors reacted to the screams by leaving the apartments. So the man running with the knife returned to his apartment, and then jumped from the second floor; he suffered a fracture of the pelvic bones. The police caught him on the lawn under the balcony, and then he was taken to the hospital.

Main photo source: TVN24

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