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Tarnow, September. Puppies in bags abandoned in the woods

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In the forest in Tarnow (Greater Poland Voivodeship), the walkers found two sacks in which someone had abandoned the puppies. There were three dogs in one and one in the other. Not all animals managed to survive. The police are dealing with the matter.

Policemen from Września (Greater Poland Voivodeship) determine who abandoned the puppies in the forest near Tarnów in the Pyzdry commune. Two such events happened there over the weekend. – On Saturday, a man walking in this place heard whining and noticed the sack. There were three puppies inside, unfortunately one of them was already dead – informed the young asp. Adam Wojciński, spokesman for the Września police.


Puppy in a bagWrześnia News

Officers appeared at the scene. The other two puppies were transported to the shelter in Gniezno. – We received another piece of information on Sunday. This time the woman found a bag with a puppy. It was near the previous place where the animals were found. In connection with these situations, an investigation will be launched to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators – adds Wojciński.

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According to the spokesman, the activities will be carried out in accordance with Article 35 of the Animal Protection Act. It deals with bullying with particular cruelty. For this, he is threatening from three months to five years imprisonment. – We have no doubt that the person or persons who did this wanted to get rid of the animals in a cruel way. These puppies locked in sacks had no chance of survival. Fortunately, thanks to the empathy and vigilance of two people, we managed to save most of them – says Wojciński.

The portal Wiadomości Wrzesińskie was the first to inform about the case.

This time the animal was savedWrześnia News

Main photo source: Września News

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