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Tarnowo Jezierne. The 73-year-old got lost in the woods with her dog. The police officer on duty helped

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She went for a walk in the vicinity of Tarnów Jezierne (Lubuskie Voivodeship), for several hours she was unable to return to the holiday center. The tired 73-year-old was helped by the police on duty, who instructed her by phone what to do to locate her. Then a patrol was sent to the senior woman and her dog.

Policemen from Sława (Lubuskie Voivodeship) intervened in the case of a 73-year-old woman who got lost in the forest while walking with her dog near Tarnów Jezierne. When the woman realized that she was unable to return to the resort on her own, she called the emergency number.

– This event happened on Sunday. The report showed that the 73-year-old had been wandering with her dog in the woods for two hours. The staff aspirant on duty, Sławomir Kuliczkowski, without delay, took steps to locate the woman’s whereabouts, informed Maja Piwowarska from the police in Wschowa.


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The senior woman on duty helped

The officer obtained a number for the senior woman, and then during the interview he instructed the woman what to do in order to find out her location. After just a few minutes, the 73-year-old found the ridge post. – The numbers on it she gave to the duty officer who located her. The officer informed the patrol of the Sławsk police about the whole incident, which immediately went to the indicated place. After a few minutes, the 73-year-old was already under the care of policemen – Piwowarska said.

The senior woman and her pet returned to the holiday center.

The 73-year-old was helped by a staff aspirant Sławomir KuliczkowskiKPP Wschowa

How to find yourself in the forest?

Policemen and foresters constantly remind you to prepare properly before each trip or walk to the forest. It is worth telling someone where we are going and when we plan to come back. It is also good to have a charged phone, map and provisions with you.

For your own sense of security, it is worth downloading maps from the Forest Data Bank. If we install them in advance, we can use them offline, but there are also printable versions. How to find yourself in the forest when we lose our bearings in the forest? First of all, you need to get your bearings in the field. Perhaps there is a landmark somewhere nearby.

Determining your location from the border posts in the forest is not easy, but not impossible. Foresters have developed a special manual that is also worth having at hand.

How to find yourself in the forest?National forests

Information about your location can be read even from an inconspicuous pile of wood stacked in the forest. This is because each stack has a special tag. There are two numbers on it: one five-digit and the other six-digit.

For example, from the number 101208 you can read that we are currently in the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Szczecin (10), in the Gryfino Forest District (12), and in the Klęskowo Forest District (08). Kowalski will not decipher these records himself, but the services will.

How to find yourself in the forest?National forests

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Main photo source: KPP Wschowa

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