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Tatra Mountains, Beskids. There is more snow in the mountains and tourist conditions are difficult

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The conditions in the Tatra Mountains are difficult, the trails are snow-covered and it is slippery. There are low clouds in the valleys, which make hiking difficult. In the higher parts of the mountains we have cloudless skies. On Wednesday, there was 68 centimeters of snow on Kasprowy Wierch, and in the Tatra Mountains we have several degrees of frost. In the Beskids, the temperature is also below zero and there is also more snow.

Conditions for tourism in Tatra Mountains are difficult – there is snow on the trails, most of which is not trampled above the upper edge of the forest. “An additional difficulty is the low cloud ceiling, which significantly limits visibility, which, combined with fresh snowfall, may lead to loss of orientation in the field and getting lost,” we read in a statement from the Tatra National Park (TPN). In the morning, above 1,500 meters, we had a cloudless sky. The second avalanche danger level applies in the Tatra Mountains.

TPN emphasizes that moving in such conditions requires experience, the ability to assess the local avalanche risk and adapt the route to the current conditions, as well as having winter equipment (crampons, ice ax, helmet, avalanche ABC) and the ability to use it.

On Wednesday morning, there was 68 centimeters of snow on Kasprowy Wierch, 65 cm in the Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich, and 47 cm on Hala Gąsienicowa. IN Zakopane and in montane areas, there is little snow – up to 5 cm.

Kasprowy Wierch, view of Świnicaweather.topr.pl

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It’s still too early to ski

The Tatra peaks are covered with snow. In recent days, the first skiers have set off on the trails, but the TPN warns that there is still too little snow for skiing. Vegetation and rocks are not yet sufficiently covered.

– The end of November brought winter to the Tatra Mountains. Mountain hiking enthusiasts have started to take out their winter hiking equipment, but it must be remembered that it is only the beginning of winter. Skiing is possible in the TPN area when the snow cover adequately protects the vegetation, and this condition has not yet been met – said Tomasz Zając, TPN guide and educator.

The Tatra guide added that there is no artificial snowmaking in the Tatra Mountains. – We are waiting for adequate natural snowfall. In order to prepare the ski slopes in the Kasprowy Wierch area, over a meter of natural snow is needed to enable the lifts in Kocioł Gąsienicowy and Goryczkowy. When it comes to ski tourism, i.e. ski touring, even though the first enthusiasts hit the trails, it is still too early to start skiing. There is too little snow, it does not protect the valuable high-mountain vegetation, but also the rocks. Such a situation may have tragic consequences for the safety of skiers themselves, pointed out Zając. – Let’s remember that TPN is, above all, a place where we protect nature, so let’s wait patiently for the conditions that will allow us to responsibly enjoy winter madness – added the naturalist.

There is thick fog in the Tatra valleys.weather.topr.pl

For ski tourism in the Tatra Mountains, there is a dense network of hiking trails available in winter, where everyone can choose the appropriate difficulty level. There is a dense network of ski trails in the Goryczkowa and Kondratowa Valleys. The next trail is the former ski slope leading from Hala Gąsienicowa to Kuźnice. Yet another one is located in the Chochołowska Valley.

Frosty in the Beskids

There will be frost in the Beskid Mountains on Wednesday morning. Thermometers showed -6 degrees Celsius in Markowe Szczawiny and Hala Miziowa. There was light snowfall during the night. However, the weather is expected to change and the temperature will rise.

– In the Beskids, conditions are typical for the turn of autumn and winter. You need to remember this and equip yourself with winter equipment, because there is snow and ice in the higher parts. Visibility was limited, but it should improve in the second half of the day – said rescuers from the Beskidzka GOPR Group. There is 12-15 cm of snow in Markowe Szczawiny and Hala Miziowa. Tourists who set out on the trail must prepare appropriately. Please bring warm clothing, including a waterproof jacket. Footwear is especially important. In the current conditions, grips may be necessary. It’s worth having a supply of warm liquids. Tourists should have a charged mobile phone with the “Ratunek” application and a power bank. As the rescuers mentioned, due to the falling darkness, you should take a flashlight.

Avalanche ABC – what should we have with us?Detector, probe and shovel – avalanche ABC.TVN24

Main photo source: weather.topr.pl

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