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Tatra Mountains. Construction of a ski station in Nosal, activists want to stop TPN

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Naturalists want to block the investment of the Tatra National Park in Nosal, where the ski route is to be restored. Activists asked the Local Government Appeals Board in Nowy Sącz to suspend the decision because – as they say – the construction will involve cutting down trees and harming animals. The park management does not agree with the allegations.

Nature defenders submitted an application to the Local Government Appeals Board in Nowy Sącz to suspend the decision allowing the restoration of the ski route on the Nosal slope in Zakopane. They believe this will endanger nature.

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Nosal is located within the TPN, and the consent to build a ski lift, in the place where the famous ski route operated in the years 1953-2009, was issued by the Regional Director of Environmental Protection and the mayor of Zakopane.

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Activists: the decision violates the law

According to the Pracownia dla Wszystkich Stoty, which filed the appeal, the ski investment will have a “significant negative impact on the nature of the Tatra Natura 2000 area and the Tatra National Park”.

– Scientists’ opinions indicating a significant negative impact on the population of brown bears and birds, among others, were rejected. peregrine falcon, white-backed and three-toed woodpecker. 1.21 ha of forest is also to be axed – said Radosław Ślusarczyk from the Workshop for All Beings, who also said that within the Nosal peak there is a nesting site of a peregrine falcon and a golden eagle.

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– We have no doubt that the environmental decision issued for Nosal violates national and EU law, it is also contrary to the objectives of protecting the TPN, and its implementation will lead to the destruction of the Tatra Mountains – says Radosław Ślusarczyk.

TPN “the best guarantor of nature protection”

The TPN management does not agree with the allegations made by activists, pointing out that the project received positive opinions from the body specializing in environmental impact assessment, i.e. the Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Krakow, which confirmed a comprehensive examination of the lack of negative impact on the environment and nature of the TPN.

– We understand and appreciate the concern of the Workshop for All Beings for nature protection, which is the foundation of our joint activities. If the slope on Nosal is recreated, the TPN will be the best guarantor of nature protection in this place. In response to the concerns raised, we would like to emphasize that TPN takes allegations regarding the potential impact of the project on fauna very seriously, but each decision regarding an investment within the park is made with the utmost care and taking into account all aspects of nature protection. This was the case this time, as mentioned above, said Szymon Ziobrowski, director of TPN.

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According to athletes, the ski slope to be built in Nosal for competitors is a key investment for the development of skiing and the possibility of Polish Alpine skiers returning to the world’s top ranks. The reactivation of the historic route on Nosal involves adapting it to the standards of the International Ski Federation (FIS), i.e. widening the slope, which involves cutting down trees.

The ski community, athletes and Olympic athletes have been trying to restore competitive skiing in Nosal for years. The Tatra National Park is to be a guarantee of respect for nature in this place. The park is to be the entity that will conduct the slope restoration process itself and then manage it in accordance with the assumptions. It is to be a slope intended for competitive sports, not tourist ones.

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