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Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. Polish tourists got stuck on the Rohatka Pass. Still winter conditions in the mountains, TPN warns

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Three tourists from Poland got stuck on Tuesday on the Rohatka Pass in the Slovak Tatra Mountains. A woman and her two sons, aged 14 and 18, were surprised by the snow, so they had no winter equipment with them. Reaching the tourists was not easy for the rescuers – due to unfavorable weather they could not use the helicopter.

Polish tourists went on a trip to the Slovak Tatra Mountains on Tuesday morning. When they reached the Rohatka Pass, they came across snow lying there. However, they did not have the appropriate winter equipment to continue the expedition. They could not safely return downstairs, so they asked the Slovak rescuers for help by phone.

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Polish tourists got stuck on the Rohatka Pass in the Slovak Tatra Mountains

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Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. Bad weather grounded the helicopter

Three rescuers set out to help on board the helicopter, but the operation was complicated by unfavorable weather, which did not allow direct access to those in need. The helicopter had to land in the vicinity of the so-called Zbójnicki shelter located below, from where rescuers set off on foot to help.

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Rescuers reached the Poles and led them to a safe place. There, an attempt was made to evacuate by helicopter, but again due to bad weather conditions the machine had to turn back. Eventually, the Poles were brought to the shelter. The rescue operation ended in the afternoon.

Polish tourists got stuck on the Rohatka Pass in the Slovak Tatra Mountains

Rohatka is a pass in the main ridge of the Tatra Mountains at an altitude of 2288 meters above sea level. From the Polish side, the blue trail leads there – from Łysa Polana through the Biała Woda Valley.

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Polish tourists got stuck on the Rohatka Pass in the Slovak Tatra Mountains

Conditions in the Tatras

As the Tatra National Park informs in its tourist announcement, on Wednesday in the Tatra Mountains due to rainfall, the trails are wet and slippery, and muddy in the forest sections.

“In the higher parts of the High Tatras, there is still snow in many places – you should be especially careful there, because it is very slippery, and slipping in steep terrain may result in a dangerous fall. Moving in such conditions requires experience in winter mountain tourism and having appropriate equipment – crampons (not crampons!), ice ax, helmet – along with the ability to use it.

Naturalists emphasize that an additional difficulty above the upper limit of the forest is the low cloud ceiling, which may limit visibility and lead to loss of orientation in the field.

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